30 June 2011


I work in a field where my daily outfit consist of firearms and a uniforms. So fashion is not even an option on my daily work week. I wish I had a career where I could dress up daily. I think it would be fun figuring out what I'm wearing but we don't always get what what we want. Well most of the time I update a picture I'm either going out or hanging with family or church. so the below pics are my last two outfits that I've worn in the past week. I live in Miami so the Weather is usually great but it's getting kind of rainy due to hurricane season. enjoy!


outfit 1: top forever 21 ($18) tights: walmart Tina Knowles collection ($10) heels: madden girl via marshall's ($30)

out fit 2: dress target ($20) heels: jessica simpson ($110) vest: idk ($20)

3: is just an up close of my everyday make up.....

28 June 2011


2011 BET Awards Pictures, Images and Photos


Nicki Minaj 2011 BET awards
Looks like she got dressed in the dark if you ask me.....I love her but I would love her more If she did something diffrent.


teairra looks like she is working the strip..........I mean the wig look cheap and as much as I love lace this was a bit much.

I was unable to catch the 2011 BET awards but from the looks of it. The show could have easily been renamed to the Circus awards. Fashion has several was of expressing it self and I'm not saying that you can't BUT there is a fine line between FASHION and FUCKERY. I look at some of the fashion shows and in my opinon you are not suppose to take EVERYTHING from a line. I adore Alexander Mc Queen colors, and definetly his shoes his craftmanship is great. Would I wear some of his shoes? no I leave those kinds of routines to Lady Gaga and Posh Spice. Some fashions are made to be adored not re invented. I can remember when nicki rocked the two different shades of hair on trey songz "bottoms up". I can't tell you how many young black girls we're seen rocking that do....and let's not even get on young men tattooing their face like lil wayne, the game, rick ross, baby from cash money and the list goes on and on and on.

26 June 2011


You know I love quality things I am a true believer that somethings you shouldn't cut corners on. If you choose the generic milk in walmart over the brand one I'm not upset but bags to me say a LOT they can make a simple outfit hot and the best accessory ever If you ask me. I am the owner of some high end bags but why pay more when you can have a great bag for less. For the past week I went out to find the hottest summer bags UNDER $40.00 now this is no easy task. I refused to go for a bag that would break in less then a month of wear. I recently visited tj maxx and came across a HUGE collection of Michael Kors bags none of which was under $40 dollars but was well under the suggested retail price. I am a fan of animal print but i can't wear to much of it so when i spotted this steve madden bag I had to get it....I even looked for another one to gift to someone to avail :(.


This bag retailed for $100 dollars and I got it for $35.00! The inside is purple which I loved because I know i'm the only person whose make up most of the time eyeshadow has gotten loose in their bag and made the biggest stain ever......so the purple was kind of hot and conveinent. the strip is thick and wide enough to even wear on my arm if I wanted which I don't really prefer to.


This hot pink bag was just the cutest I fell in love with the color I love pink! The metal detail along the rim was the cutest as well. Summer allows you to wear colors like this and get away with it. This bag can make the simplest outfit POP! I'm wondering exactly what I'm going to wear it with but in due time I know I will come up with something. The suggested retail price was $85 I got it for $25 dollars! so my goal is acheived you don't have to wear the most expensive bag it just has to make a major statement!


25 June 2011



so I love steve madden heels and recently while I was in the middle of getting my nails done. This woman came into the shop with the cutest sandals they were light pink had a bow and even little diamond studs I love me some bling! lol well I asked where she got them from... I mean isn't that's what you suppose to do? For sometime I used to get annoyed with people asking me questions about my hair,clothes, accessories even my weave! I use to feel like no one helped me so why should I help you it took some time to get out of that mindframe now I'm willing to give the link, address hell I'll go shopping with you, guess you can say it was a faze smh. well I actually purchased the steve madden sandals on sale for $69 which at the time i thought was the greatest......time would prove differently!


now as you can see they are cute........can be added with a nice maxi or a pair of nice pants they have oh so many possibilities.... like I said I did in deed purchase the shoe now listen to this foolishness. I was shopping for a crop top at Rainbow and came across This sandals now tell me they don't look exactly like the steve maddens!!!!! I was genuinely upset because $69 for some is a bit much especially if you can find the SAME thing for a much cheaper price. They were available in white, black, and pink I GOT ALL THREE! and thank goodness for receipts cause I took them things right back to steve madden with a smile on face. The rainbow sandals cost $16.99 +tax. I'm not big on sandals so to get these will the same style at a cheaper price was a no brainer.


manufacutared by roque I wore these all day the cushioning is great and my feet didn't hurt at all.


decided on this outfit for lunch and a lil shoppin with my mother and lil bro....miami is hot as hell!

shirt; old navy $10

pants: micahel kors $100+

cardigan: michael kors 100+

chain: betsey johnson reg; $135 ( on clearance at tj maxx $20)

shoes: rainbow $16.99

shades: dior vintage #125 $200+

oh before I forget another turn off about steve madden was the size chart their sandals run in european sizes and no one in the store felt a need to divulge that information. lucky for mr steve I can't turn down a fabulous heel.


15 June 2011




well I think every girl should have one: WISH LIST: I am a true believer that if it's something you want then by all means go get it! These are just a few items on my every so growing wish list. I am not really a sneaker person however I have drooling over a pair of pink chuck taylors by converse (pictured above) which would be really cute paired with the right maxi or even shorts. It's summer the time to wear hot pink on your nails and make no excuses for it. The list grows and somethings get added as well as deleted kind of like life right?

I will post pics as I purchase these items and you can see what I rocked with each individual piece. I have an outing coming up to one of the most sexiest and beautiful places in miami. Can't wait to post pics from the garden of vizcaya I think to many people focus on Miami Beach as the central part of Miami, THERE IS MORE PEOPLE! geesh


13 June 2011



We'll I am the owner of the best dog in world.......her name is Diamond, Thanks to a friend who works near by I found the best Dog Park In Miami Dade County. It also has a great walking path there were a lot of families with small children it was the cutest thing ever. It was not my plan to visit the park that day but I must admit I have a minor addiction to ac's icee's . It's kind of like every time I drive by I have to STOP. The order is usually a pina colada and cherry topped with pineapples. The Outfit above is was truly intended for the movies with my mom but I had to make the stop....

Dress: Thrifted $12 Shoes: Steve Madden $60 Earrings: $6
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