21 August 2012


I know that I have grown to love this look I remember seeing Gabi of GabiFresh.com rock this look so effortlessly and I was like hmmmmm. I don't wear sneakers often but I think his sneaker wedge trend can give me the best of both worlds. I saw Emily B of love and hip hop rock these sexy Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneaker and she was fierce. I took the steps to research a more reasonable price for my Diva's who don' have $600+ to spend on sneakers and This is what  I came up with!

Emily B rocking her Giuseppe Zanotti Sneaker Wedge

Isabel Marant $655

                                                                   Gabi of Gabi Fresh

Now here are the inexpensive version of the above featured items:via: GO JANE!



14 August 2012


Well This is my second or third pair of earrings because someone always falls in love with them and steals them and I'm stuck making another pair. I have these thoughts going threw my head all the time and sometimes I just go threw with them.  I find myself roaming the aisles of Michael's Looking for something to create. I remembered the first Iphone case I made I was so happy I showed it to everyone and felt great that it was something I did all on my own. My Inspiration for the dime piece earrings came from me wanting to make a statement stud. I get so many compliments when I wear them.

what you will need:

Glue Gun $5
Glue Stick $1.00 (10 pack)
2 dimes
2 6mm earring post $2
2 backs $2
TOTAL:  $11.20

FIRST: Rinse Dimes in vinegar and allow to towel dry

SECOND: Turn On Glue Gun

THIRD: Place a small amount of Glue on the earring post let stand for about 5 seconds

FOURTH: Holding the dime in you hand place the earring post and press firmly

let stand for 2 minutes and now you are ready to rock your Dime Piece earrings!

*If you want these to last longer I suggest coating the earrings with a clear coat. 

I guarantee these will be a conversational piece anywhere you go you can use any coin of your choice but the bigger the coin the bigger the earring post and stronger your glue adhesive should be.


13 August 2012


I started the blog cheap and still chic to highlight women who manage to create a look that comes in under $25. I know this may sound weird or hard to achieve but what's a accomplishment  it is when you achieve it. In this economy you have to manage looking fab without breaking the bank. This post will showcase women who make it look easy. If you want to be featured and have a fab look that comes in under $25 dollars feel free to email me : afatgirlsblues@gmail.com

Hi, I'm Corliss I love to THRIFT!! The most expensive thing I have on are my shoes which were originally 130.00 but I paid like $50.00 I believe Blue tank $2.50 Colorful shirt $1.95 Red slacks $4.95 Necklace $6.99 Earrings. 95¢

 Well Corliss I love the Look way to go diva! so ladies are you feeling Corliss Cheap and Chic?

12 August 2012


If you don't follow me on fb or Instagram you should! I have been on this journey of ownership and business and everyday is a new day to learn something new. I have been seriously loving and hating some part of the business but hey that life right. I have been in love with prints and tights and bold looks and I want curvy chic to be a representation of just that! I started curvy chic boutique to provide curvy women with trendy clothing at a reasonable price. I think that I have achieved that goal and I'm still searching to be bigger and better! If you haven't done so please take a look at the site and tell me what you think!

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