31 May 2014


So I was doing my normal browsing trends and sites like Saks and Pinterest and I ran across Sophia Webster and I would be lying if I didn't tell you how I browsed the web looking for her shoes and just wanting to know the designer of the such beautiful shoes. The price tag was no surprise for such beautiful shoes but I understand the average women in this economy most women can't drop $400+ dollars on one pair of  shoes. Which brings me to my latest blog post of showcasing unique shoes with a reasonable price tag for the average woman.




I love lola shoetique because they are reasonably priced and always have a unique look and flare to them.  I'm always asked about my shoes when I wear a pair from this site who doesn't like to standout? 


 Now nastygal gives me life every chance I log on if you are really into rocking independent and unique brands this exactly where you should shop. It's really my go to store when I'm feeling very futuristic.


29 May 2014



Now I love  good outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down and my snake printed jumper was perfect today. It seems as if my days off of work are always filled with running errands and being on my feet. Since Miami is such a social city my days of styling personal clients has reached a all time high. You would be surprised what I style people for i.e. dates, concerts,graduation and even funerals. I love my job however I don't love having aching feet from walking over 4 malls in one day.

It's so  ironic I wore this baby phat jumper after having a 2 hour long conversion with my co workers that brands like FUBU and baby phat were not as popular  as it was in the the 90's. I however am a firm believer in fashion and I really didn't care that it was from baby phat. I wonder if others would rock brands that the "urban" community have kind of left by the way side. 

I paired this jumper suit was a pair of nine west flats and black clutch and hit the malls. I can't wait to dress this look up. I order a 3x but kind of wish I would've went down to a 2x to have a more fitted leg and it was loose in the tummy area.  

USE PROMO CODE 15YES for 15% off your order

The color of my lip pie has been a frequently asked question on my IG it is Asian Flower by MAC and I honestly buy them 5 at a time because I love and use the color so much. 



21 May 2014

Must Have Creatvie Bags and Why I love Them

I must admit I'm a sucker for a nice bag and If I can get it at a reasonable price it's even better! In honesty for the first time in years I've stopped wearing my designer bags like Gucci and LV and focused on more realistic and affordable brands. I mean which gal doesn't love a designer bag but I love a variety as well. I'm not big on labels over quality. In some cases people think because you have brand like Gucci and LV that those straps don't break or the zipper doesn't malfunction well I'm here to tell you they DO! I love a good over sized clutch and I have ran into a few unique bags over the past few weeks.


After I posted this picture (pictured below) everyone wanted to know where I purchased my bag. I am avid believer of shopping around and I first spotted this clutch on karmaloop for $40 dollars but after searching the web I found them for $26 from swaychic.com


I also purchased this  censored clutch and have yet to figure out how I will rock it. The website kind of reminds me of a cheaper version of karmaloop. My item arrived on time and was as pictured which was awesome

Michael Kors: A First 

I got this Michael Kors bag from Macy's at a awesome price during Macy's family and friend's sale. it's original price was $298 but it was on sale for $222 with an additional 25% off I only paid $160. I couldn't pass it up I just couldn't it's like it was calling my name saying buy me. FIND IT HERE!




I have fallen In love with detailed and unique bags and clutches if you are stuck in your comfort zone please step outside the box and try a funky bag! 




19 May 2014

Jumping for Jumpers: Peachy Addition

I have fallen in  Love with jumpers and I Don't think my relationship will die anytime soon. I use to hate Jumpers honestly with thighs that touch I always felt as if they would stand out too much. I would look at pictures of other bloggers and how well they worked rompers and jumpsuits and be envious. I know sometimes people look up to me and think I have no worries or doubt when it comes to my body. I did once upon a time in my youth but  as an adult I can honestly say  I really don't care what people think of my body or me. It's called having thick skin and let's just say mine is above average. I saw this lovely jumper on asos.com  was in love with the wide leg concept and the color was awesome. I ordered a UK 18 which is the equivalent to a US 20/22. The jumper arrived and I loved it BUT once I put it on I was unsatisfied with how sheer the fabric was in my leg area. I decided that a shaper was best with the outfit to smooth things out. I  am not one of the gals who wears shape wear with everything if I think I need it I will definitely wear it  but it's not mandatory.

Like this jumpsuit? purchase it here!

On the model it looks more orange upon it arrival it's was more peach tone. I loved it lighter actually and the length was perfect. I paired it with a black and with striped Michael Kors Purse (which I got at an awesome price!), Gold Zara wedges and Gucci frames. I Continued the Long chain concept of the model and went with Long single ball pendant from my local accessory store.

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