22 October 2015


Since I can remember I have loved fur, I can remember rubbing my hands over my moms shaggy white faux fur rug as a adolescent. She would fuss and run me out of her room only for me to return minutes later. As an Adult I realized that fur is just unreasonably expensive but that shouldn't  stop a girl from dreaming right?

Anyone who really knows me understands my infatuation with Pinterest. I can literally spend hours looking for inspirations from DIY projects to nails designs. I recently fell in love with fur in the bedroom as accent pillows.

I searched amazon and Z Gallerie and found a few for about $60 per pillow which wasn't that bad. I love a challenge and  a good bargain. Over the past few months I have become intrigued at how much I can save on a item but still getting the same look.  I made it my goal to find a pillow at a reasonable price.

I was able to find a pair of faux fur white accent pillows for $14 dollars at my local Big Lots and used a coupon for and additional 20% off which bought the price down to about $11 per pillow.

I love a good dupe product with an even better price and my pillows were both!

Did you find a bargain this week? Feel Free to share your bargain story with me! 

16 September 2015

Fringe Frenzy: Fall 2015

Fringe Frenzy

Fashion has a habit of repeating itself and this fall is no different Fringe is here and I'm honestly loving it. I must say Plus Size retailers are finally getting on trend with current seasons. I can remember being two years behind the current trends and getting  extremely frustrated with just how slow retailers were when it came to plus size fashion.

New York Fashion week was full of  looks featuring fringe in various hues. Celebs have been showing up to fashion shows rocking fringe from shoes to bags and even jackets.

(photo credit: Fashionbombdaily)

I do however have a absolute favorite Celeb that has taken my fringe obsession to new heights....drum roll please!

Yes Ms.Williams showed up and showed Out with this look from her new line for HSN which debuted during NYFW. I must admit I want this to come in plus size so I can slay right along with the rest of the wold. Fringe can be both High Fashion and Hobo Chic it really all depends on the statement you are attempting to make. 


Comments? Questions? 


15 September 2015

I don't care for the 80/20 rule in relationships

As the weekend came in and I snuggled up on the couch I found myself watching Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married on the tube. In one of the scenes they introduce the 80/20 theory in relationships.
If you haven't seen the movie let me enlighten you on the rule. The 80/20 rule basically means when you're in a relationship you partner is 80% of what you want in a spouse. So You settle with that 80% and the other 20% you will never get in your spouse. It may look better but isn't because it's only 20% of what you're missing in a relationship.

So why give up your 80 for 20? logically it doesn't sound right huh? welp It caused me to think and honestly I say to hell with 80 and 20. I want 100% and dammit I believe I deserve it and then some. To say one should be content with 80 and forget about the 20 is not just unfair but not logical to me. Your spouse should fulfill you in every aspect to say the least you shouldn't have to settle for sub par because people say so.

08 September 2015



So I'm just going to be honest and make a confession many of you may not know about me........ I LOVE LIPSTICK! There I finally said it out loud and I don't care who knows it. I know you may not think that looking at my social media accounts. I have three to four go to colors that I automatically just grab when I'm doing my everyday looks. That doesn't mean I don't own more colors from black to even yellow. It seems like every time I get one of the mac mailers in the mail and see one it's new collections I grab my purse and run out the door.  Only to ironically have them sit in my lipstick container or be given away to whomever raids my makeup box and begs and pleads for it.

My Cute Little Lipstick holder From Marshall's 

I have three containers for make up

I didn't realize how many I had  actually collected until I picked up the cutest 30 lipstick holder from my local Marshall's. I was in love until I started to organize and realized between lipstick and lip gloss I had almost 60  containers and that little cute container was no match for a lipstick addict like myself. I searched high and low for a reasonable bigger organizer that was both chic and functional.

Then it happened I discovered Bella Posh Oraganizers and went crazy with excitement. I was gifted the item and couldn't wait to open it and organize my lipsticks. I chose an all clear organizer but it comes in other color such as pink and black. I just feel as if  clear can be timeless  and can pretty much blend in just about any surrounding with out needing to work around the color the organizer.

I choose the Grand Spinning organizer which retailed for $114  other organizers on the site go up to $200 dollars.

The Details: 
Dimensions: 12"L x 6.5"W x 6.5"H
The top part  fits 27 lip glosses 
2 sides are designed to fit 48 lipstick. 
1 side has 8 spaces to fit, eye shadow, blushes or powder. 
1 side is designed to fit, foundation, primers, lip balms, nail polish etc.

The shipping was super fast and arrived in under a week of placing my initial order. I was expecting to wait longer but super glad that I didn't have to. When ordering online you sometimes become accustom to the waiting game. 

I have placed all of my lipsticks and lip gloss in my orgranizer with room left to add to my collection. I also used space for my eyelashes and pressed powders. I chose to keep my organizer in my bathroom and it fits perfect. It's not bulky or taking up too much space it fits in just perfect and did I mention it spins?  Yesssssss *jumping for joy*. Honey I just felt so amazing spinning my little organizer looking for my daily beauty products this morning. 

I will be ordering a few more items from the site maybe even the Queen Organizer and a Make up Brush Holder. If you are looking to upgrade your beauty organizer I recommend totally recommend  Bella Posh!




13 August 2015


Hello Loves!

I know I know I have been missing and I do miss blogging which is why I am here today blogging my little heart away. I receive loads of emails from my followers asking advice from hair to relationship advice. I love the fact that my followers feel comfortable to talk to me about the inner most secret thoughts.

Which brings me today's HOT TOPIC: IS HE OUT OF MY LEAGUE?

Reader Meagan Writes:

Hi Afatgirlsblues,

I know this may seem weird that I'm writing you for advice but I honestly don't want to talk to my friends about this. I figured you could share this with other plus size women and I can get a true and honest answer. I really  like this guy at my job, he comes in everyday smiles at me with the prettiest teeth in his Italian suit and I melt. He is the boss not my boss but the guy that when he walks in everyone runs and scatters and attempts to look like they're working.

I thought it was weird he made eye contact with me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to talk over coffee. I turned red and denied his request out of fear I would mess up and couldn't take it back. I really cancelled because I feel because I'm fat and he's fit, I'm older and he's younger, he's the boss and I'm just a temp. from a agency. I really want to know can a man be out of your league or am I just insecure?

My Two Cents;
Well Meagan I think definitely you are having some self esteem issues. You are saying a man is out of your league because you are fat and he is fit is not a proper validation for rejection. He obviously sees something in you that you aren't quit seeing yourself. No one is "out of your league" you just have to value yourself. I say go out for that coffee and just enjoy his company and see where it goes. 



15 June 2015



Yes.....I have heard all the rave reviews of the VSG surgery I grin trying not to appear annoyed with my Nutritionist. She smiles and explains everyone is doing it and yes my health insurance company will foot the bill If I choose to do so. I politely decline her offer to set me up for a consultation with one of Miami's best surgeons. She look confused, Why would a Plus Size woman that can get a 10k surgery for free not do it.

I guess that's what my co-workers think as well when seeing me uniformed, well pressed, and plus size. In my career things come in waves. It was just last year everyone was having Tummy Tucks and Butt Implants. I guess this year is the wave of Gastric Bypass. When asked by Co-Workers why I say no to VSG surgery my answer is always simple: I've haven't REALLY tried.

So let me me enlighten you on what VSG surgery is exactly.

The  procedure generates weight loss solely through gastric restriction (reduced stomach volume). The stomach is restricted by stapling and dividing it vertically and removing more than 85% of it. This part of the procedure is not reversible. The stomach that remains is shaped like a very slim banana and measures from 1-5 ounces (30-150cc), depending on the surgeon performing the procedure. The nerves to the stomach and the outlet valve (pylorus) remain intact with the idea of preserving the functions of the stomach while drastically reducing the volume. By comparison, in a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the stomach is divided, not removed, and the pylorus is excluded. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass stomach can be reconnected (reversed) if necessary. Note that there is no intestinal bypass with this procedure, only stomach reduction.  The lack of an intestinal bypass avoids potentially costly, long term complications such as marginal ulcers, vitamin deficiencies and intestinal obstructions.

Now I do understand that everyone has different reasons for gastric surgery i.e. health. I however feel as If I have never really tried to loose weight, I mean I start off great with eating healthy and exercising but being totally honest that last literally a week or two. I hear all great things about VSG surgery but my sister has become my real inspiration. I have watched her change her diet  and exercise daily to great results. When she walks into my home and I see her smile  I know that she's happy with her results. She has blossomed into a beautiful butterfly.

I know that it's possible to loose a 100 pounds naturally and My sister is living proof of that. It was her determination that drove her to loose weight to conceive my niece. It was that same determination that pushed her to loose the baby weight  and more. When seeing her I know that I really have to give weight loss the natural way a try before I can lay on a table and be cut. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing I never really gave it a try before turning to a doctor.

My sister has learned how to cook differently and is ever so eager to show me her new recipes. I never knew you could make mashed potatoes out of cauliflower. It is these moments that I admire my sister the most. She is the reason I will wake up everyday for the next 6 months and really give it a good try.

I will be a open book with my journey and of course I will use my secret weapon aka my big sister!

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20 April 2015


As Spring and Summer creeps in Denim will become more of a staple in my wardrobe. I am loving brands like Eloquii and Steve Madden who are stepping out side the box of the basic denim jacket. It's extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down for any occasion from grunge to hobo chic.


I have been dreaming of the day that  a tasteful denim jumper was created for the curvy women. This Summer both ASOS and 17 Sundays have granted my wish.

I have ranted forever how much I love jumpsuits and today will be no different. I'm a bit skeptical about purchasing a jumpsuit  because I am very bottom heavy and have fear that the jumpsuit will look to snug in my hip area.

I have reviewed the fabric and sizing details and have decided that if I ordered, I will go up a size just to be safe. In the event you have to return an item  always look at the return policy and be sure to try on clothing as soon as they arrive. I have been a victim of letting return deadline expire and getting stuck with clothing I actually don't love. 

City Chic Floral Denim Jacket

Edgy Denim



27 March 2015


It's Official we are in Spring! I honestly forget the seasons living here in Miami but I always notice the change in the prints and hues in our retail stores. I noticed during Fashion Week that Dark Florals we're a huge trend. I guess we are doing away with looking like a picnic table with bright hues of yellow and red this spring.



Just when I think we have made strides in our field I'm taken aback by what society thinks of the plus size community.  If you ever wanted to see your favorite celeb or socialite depicted as plus size Spanish artist David Lopera has done just that.  In his latest collection he has created images of celebs from Kim K to Katy Perry sporting his interpretation of a plus size celeb.  When I initially heard of the art I was intrigued and of course I went trolling the Internet for the images.


Rita Ora

22 March 2015


Did You know She Photo Shops her pictures? One of my favorite gal pals smirks while reaching for her smart phone. I must admit when having girl talk you never really know how you get on a subject or person for that matter. In hours of talking fashion, love, business, etc.nothing is off limits when chatting with girlfriends.

I waited as she scanned threw her phone for evidence of a bad photo shopped picture. In minutes there it was a extreme blurred wavy wall on her silhouette to make her waist drastically  smaller. I wanted it not to be true  I silently rooted for her just because so many girls look up to her on social media. What can you do when the truth is staring you in the face and photo after photo it become more apparent that she was altering her figure often and poorly.

(photo of plus size women made skinny via photoshop)

We no longer have to purchase programs for hundreds of dollars to make drastic changes to our photos. There are apps that are virtually free and easy to use that can create the same effect. I just wonder why some plus size woman are yearning to better proportioned  and not working with what they have. 
We are not all shaped the same and a hourglass figure will not be every ones shape. I wonder how many of us are hiding behind filters and face shots to avoid our bodies. The purpose of  body acceptance is accepting all parts of our bodies not just some. 

I see plus size women up and down my timeline hiding behind face shots, booty shots and the infamous huge purse to hide their stomach. I'm not saying lets all throw away our spanx but let us at least acknowledge we have a tummy or thighs that touch. 

So how do you feel about extremely altered pictures are they deceiving or it's okay to edit out what you don't like on your body?

07 March 2015


Lace is a fabric that I wore for the first time 5 yrs ago and boy did I do it extremely provocative and wrong. I can remeber wearing these full lace leggings paired with a semi lace shirt and black boy shorts. I really went threw a raunchy phase in my early 20's. The looks and stares that night when  I entered into our local nightclub here in Miami. In time my style has progressed and I've grown to understand lace can be classy and chic.

Perhaps you feel lace is too small girlish petty to wear clothing with taste, personality and sexy because it looks sweet. In fact, the female stars wearing lace often steal the spotlight on solemn occasions. Lace is easy to wear always, women at different ages can all find out lace dresses which is suitable for them. There's no limit in wearing lace, and it's the combination of sweet, tender, mature and sexy. Whether as embellishment or the whole dress decoration, with proper use of lace decorative effect, lace will surely make you bloom refreshing scent of a woman.

In 2015 lace will be epic and can be seen in just about every single one of your favorite retail stores. I happened  to wear a black lace 2pc crop top set from Monif C a few weeks back and everyone loved it. It was  out for stock at the time but recently has been restocked and new colors have been added. I must admit I felt sexy but not too overly exposed. The fabric was rich and made with good quality fabric. Making sure lace fabric is extremely important when picking out a lace ensemble. If you purchase cheap lace you run the risk of it being very thin and tearing extremely easy when wearing.

I purchased this set in a size 2 which is equivalent to US 18/20 I wish I would have purchashed the skirt in a size 1 for a for more fitted look. The crop top has this hi-low effect to it and covered my entire back  so I didn't suffer from that completely bare look. I paired the lace outfit with a black deep plunge bra from Lane Bryant. In the event you would like to wear another shade of this lace ensemble I suggest a nude colored bra close to your skin tone. I would definitely suggest you  refrain from attempting to match your  outfit color with your bra. I paired the outfit with a pair of metallic heels from Aldo and a simple bright red Gucci Bag.

 If you would like to purchase this look feel free to head over to MONIF C


01 March 2015



If you ask me what's my favorite season I will always answer SUMMER! As a Native of Florida we literally have sunshine  85% of the year but summer just feels different.  The beaches are filled with families and BBQ can be smelled for miles away. So my Obsession with Swimwear is a bit more extreme because who wants to wear the same bathing suit to the beach every time? NOT ME!


15 February 2015



          I  had already planned on addressing Ms.Loni Love about her poor choice of clothing on "The Real" talk show and her refusal to wear any kind of shapewear. The show which airs on B.E.T. weekly has become popular in the past  year. I happen to follow the show on Instagram anticipate their weekly collage picture of the cast and their attire for the day. The panel of fashion forward host include R&B singer Tamar Braxton, comic Loni Love, singer Adrienne Bailon, fashion expert Jeannie Mai and actress Tamara Mowry-Housley. 

I took notice after about three weeks of viewing the attire on the show  that Ms. Love stylist is either blind or doesn't know anything about dressing a plus size woman. It was to my surprise Ms.Love on a recent episode of the show  had a melt down about her weight and body image. I was on board with her wearing her truth and telling the audience she doesn't like her body at this time in her life. It was however when Ms. Love stated she couldn't find anything in her size that annoyed me. 

In 2015 in a world of designers such as Monif C, Rum & Coke, Nakimuli etc. How is this true? You can no longer use  the term "it doesn't come in my size as an excuse". The picture above is a direct reflection of my observation of Ms.Love's attire. All of the ladies are beat and fashionable and there she is in the back dressed like a old lady

 You mean to tell me there was nothing her team could have found for her to wear other than a pair of black slacks and a button up. I will not accept that I just won't when I see bloggers like Chasity of GarnerStyle kill it on a daily basis.   

When will these plus size women who have the spotlight take advantage of it? Newsflash Ms.Love there are millions of plus size women who shop from store to store and weeks ahead of an event to find an outfit. On a limited budget we make it happen and we make it look damn good! What's your excuse? You have money, A Stylist, Popularity and even a following of devoted fans. If you can't make it happen with your money and your exposure it's impossible for the rest of us. 

View Video Of Loni Love's Break Down HERE!



09 February 2015


In this economy who doesn't like to look fab without breaking the bank to achieve the look? I'm sure we all get that same tingle when shopping and you come across that awesome find on the clearance rack. I know I was in heaven logging into City Chic and  discovering the OUTLET section on their site. It features everything from jeans to swimwear with all items priced at $10 dollars! Yes you read correctly everything is $10 dollars and Under.

If you have followed my blog over the years you will notice that I'm not really a pants person. I tend to find comfort in skirts, body con dresses and jumpers. When I discovered these Joggers from City Chic I knew I wanted them and I promised to wear them before the month was out as a goal.

I know we're in winter but when you live in Miami you really don't keep track of the seasons like the rest of the world. We are blessed  with Sunshine 90% of the time, which is why you never really see winter post from me. I desire to do  them really I do but it feels as if I'm wasting my money on clothing I won't actually wear. I do however have one or two coats that are my go to pieces when we have one of those random cold Miami nights.  

The joggers were far more brighter than I expected. When ordering online I always research a product to see if I can find it on a regular person or blog. It gives me an insight on how the item will look on a standard plus size body and the actual color of the product without all the professional lighting from a site. 


07 February 2015


       I remember the day my family gathered to watch the movie of the year  which featured  burning cars from angry wives and  was Starring  Icon Whitney Houston. We made our way to Miami's Infamous Omni Theatre and stood in an unbelievably long line to purchase tickets. Everyone was so excited to see black women on the big screen and in such powerful roles. The Award Winning Angela Bassett was setting fire to her cheating Husbands car with no remorse. The Amazing  Whitney Houston found the  courage to leave a man she loved but couldn't trust.  It was the role of Loretta Devine that was the saddest of them all if you ask me. A woman in her Mid 40's who waits once a year for sex from a ex husband who doesn't desire her at all. 

I've watched Waiting To Exhale several times over the years and I always seem to switch around in my seat when Loretta Devine scenes come on.  Why couldn't she be Robin? I guess it was far more acceptable for the plus size woman to be lonely and desperate than a sex kitten. I have been paying closer attention to how  Social Media, Hip Hop, Television and even Music depict plus size women. Although I would like to think that we have achieved so much over the past few years. We have to  realize that every opportunity that is given to the "token" fat girl may not be praise us. I wonder what do these roles say to the 15 year old that hasn't found her identity and struggles with self love. 



28 January 2015


I can remember when forever 21 opened their plus size line in my local mall. I took a 30 minute ride out to the only mall that was offering it at the time. It was to my surprise the section was filled with small straight sized women. My first thought was maybe I didn't get the correct information from my email. I still pressed on threw the crowd of frames that looked nothing like plus size and found indeed it was the plus size section. I jokingly stated to one of the ladies that she was in the wrong section. She laughed and explained that she raided the plus size section when she desired "oversized"  and "hobo" looks. It totally clicked something in my head that day and my shopping experience has never been the same. I had never tip toed over to the straight size section before that day I honestly had no reason to. I mean I am a size 18/20 plus size woman I couldn't possibly find  anything in straight sizes for my body right? WRONG!


12 January 2015


I have come to realize that living in Miami Winter really isn't a concern, which is probably why I never really blog about winter clothing. I don't think I'm good at layering clothes effectively which is something that I vowed to understand in 2015. So Most of the year is bathing suit and flip flop ready which I was so happy to see designers starting the year off with swimwear. I must admit I am surprised that so many designers like Monif C and retailers like Forever 21 are getting such a big jump on swim wear. I guess this plus size wave has truly made a impact on the fashion industry. We are being thought of and not at the last minute either. I remember at some point we would all be confined to just buying Forever 21 for swimwear. Which made us all  look like clones on Memorial Day weekend sporting the same swimwear because we were so limited. I love Gabi Fresh and Monif C new lines and fresh new designs adding details from zippers to cutouts. These designer are bringing it for the Curvy Girl who not only wants to make a splash but Statement this summer.

Monif C

I am loving the prints and colors chosen in the new line of Monif C Swimwear and let's not get started on those sexy cut outs on the side of the swimwear. If you want to stand out and in a crowd these bathing suits are a must. The prices range from $80 to $100 per piece but it's well worth it in my opinion. The new bathing suits come with wire intact in the tops to support your breast which I for one think is awesome. 

I love Gabi Fresh I have been following her since I knew what a blogger was or even did for that matter. I must admit over the  last few years she has really bought plus size fashion great attention and recognition. When she completed her first line of swimsuits with swimsuits for all the world stopped and took notice. So it's only right she gives me sophisticated yet sexy glam in her new line. I think the promo is on point the pictures scream sexy, confident, and in control. The size range up to a size 24 bathing suit and even a size E and F bra. All bathing suits are under a $100 and to be honest to be the talk of the beach I would pay more lol.  


On the same day forever 21 posted this picture among a few others of some of their swimwear and honestly I feel as if they fell short. What do you think?


10 January 2015


I must admit like any other average woman on planet earth I hate a certain part of my body! Geesh that was hard to admit openly but it feels great to finely say it. I am always the first to tell anyone to love their body but I will not tell you how to feel about it. My Mother and Sister are Both Top Heavy which means they carry the bulk of their weight in the breast and midsection area. In my case I gotten a double dose of wide full hips and boy do these babies spread. I have grown to love my hips after figuring out exactly how to work my curves in certain pieces. In fashion and clothing you have to know what works for your shape and your size. I have avoided certain clothing for years and jumpers have always been a challenge for me to conquer.

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