28 January 2015


I can remember when forever 21 opened their plus size line in my local mall. I took a 30 minute ride out to the only mall that was offering it at the time. It was to my surprise the section was filled with small straight sized women. My first thought was maybe I didn't get the correct information from my email. I still pressed on threw the crowd of frames that looked nothing like plus size and found indeed it was the plus size section. I jokingly stated to one of the ladies that she was in the wrong section. She laughed and explained that she raided the plus size section when she desired "oversized"  and "hobo" looks. It totally clicked something in my head that day and my shopping experience has never been the same. I had never tip toed over to the straight size section before that day I honestly had no reason to. I mean I am a size 18/20 plus size woman I couldn't possibly find  anything in straight sizes for my body right? WRONG!


12 January 2015


I have come to realize that living in Miami Winter really isn't a concern, which is probably why I never really blog about winter clothing. I don't think I'm good at layering clothes effectively which is something that I vowed to understand in 2015. So Most of the year is bathing suit and flip flop ready which I was so happy to see designers starting the year off with swimwear. I must admit I am surprised that so many designers like Monif C and retailers like Forever 21 are getting such a big jump on swim wear. I guess this plus size wave has truly made a impact on the fashion industry. We are being thought of and not at the last minute either. I remember at some point we would all be confined to just buying Forever 21 for swimwear. Which made us all  look like clones on Memorial Day weekend sporting the same swimwear because we were so limited. I love Gabi Fresh and Monif C new lines and fresh new designs adding details from zippers to cutouts. These designer are bringing it for the Curvy Girl who not only wants to make a splash but Statement this summer.

Monif C

I am loving the prints and colors chosen in the new line of Monif C Swimwear and let's not get started on those sexy cut outs on the side of the swimwear. If you want to stand out and in a crowd these bathing suits are a must. The prices range from $80 to $100 per piece but it's well worth it in my opinion. The new bathing suits come with wire intact in the tops to support your breast which I for one think is awesome. 

I love Gabi Fresh I have been following her since I knew what a blogger was or even did for that matter. I must admit over the  last few years she has really bought plus size fashion great attention and recognition. When she completed her first line of swimsuits with swimsuits for all the world stopped and took notice. So it's only right she gives me sophisticated yet sexy glam in her new line. I think the promo is on point the pictures scream sexy, confident, and in control. The size range up to a size 24 bathing suit and even a size E and F bra. All bathing suits are under a $100 and to be honest to be the talk of the beach I would pay more lol.  


On the same day forever 21 posted this picture among a few others of some of their swimwear and honestly I feel as if they fell short. What do you think?


10 January 2015


I must admit like any other average woman on planet earth I hate a certain part of my body! Geesh that was hard to admit openly but it feels great to finely say it. I am always the first to tell anyone to love their body but I will not tell you how to feel about it. My Mother and Sister are Both Top Heavy which means they carry the bulk of their weight in the breast and midsection area. In my case I gotten a double dose of wide full hips and boy do these babies spread. I have grown to love my hips after figuring out exactly how to work my curves in certain pieces. In fashion and clothing you have to know what works for your shape and your size. I have avoided certain clothing for years and jumpers have always been a challenge for me to conquer.

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