13 August 2015


Hello Loves!

I know I know I have been missing and I do miss blogging which is why I am here today blogging my little heart away. I receive loads of emails from my followers asking advice from hair to relationship advice. I love the fact that my followers feel comfortable to talk to me about the inner most secret thoughts.

Which brings me today's HOT TOPIC: IS HE OUT OF MY LEAGUE?

Reader Meagan Writes:

Hi Afatgirlsblues,

I know this may seem weird that I'm writing you for advice but I honestly don't want to talk to my friends about this. I figured you could share this with other plus size women and I can get a true and honest answer. I really  like this guy at my job, he comes in everyday smiles at me with the prettiest teeth in his Italian suit and I melt. He is the boss not my boss but the guy that when he walks in everyone runs and scatters and attempts to look like they're working.

I thought it was weird he made eye contact with me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to talk over coffee. I turned red and denied his request out of fear I would mess up and couldn't take it back. I really cancelled because I feel because I'm fat and he's fit, I'm older and he's younger, he's the boss and I'm just a temp. from a agency. I really want to know can a man be out of your league or am I just insecure?

My Two Cents;
Well Meagan I think definitely you are having some self esteem issues. You are saying a man is out of your league because you are fat and he is fit is not a proper validation for rejection. He obviously sees something in you that you aren't quit seeing yourself. No one is "out of your league" you just have to value yourself. I say go out for that coffee and just enjoy his company and see where it goes. 


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