23 October 2011



So Tony Finally made her way to visit us small people at work today to pick up her things. I saw the postings of her resignation and just couldn't believe it.  Almost a month has passed since she made her way to Paris, France. she sounded so happy when she called me telling me about her trip and screaming in between at how wonderful he was.  Who the fuck do she think she is bouncing around on continents like she has no worries. I don't know maybe Mr. Cage is experimenting to see what it's like to be with a big girl. It could be on his bucket list it's something I know it is how can a man with that much money look as great as he does want her? I'll be happy for her though but when he leaves her high and dry with no job she better not come to me for comfort. I am single have been for a few months finally decided to give myself a break. Getting a Man is no hard task all they want is a banging body and ass like beyonce which I'm well equipped with both.

This body of mines has always gotten mens attention even the unwanted kind. I can remember being in the 6th grade while other girls were just learning what boys were. I was a 44DD with baby baring hips a flat tummy which easily gotten me mistaken for more then just 13. I took notice to how easily men gave up their wordly possessions with just a peek of nipple. My own father couldn't keep his hands off me I would catch him looking at me as I played hop scotch and not with a fatherly love glance. The man that birthed me bought  me into this world and promised to protect me. I found myself at the age 11 on my way to Soccer pratice in the back of our Mini Van. He exposed himself to me with the most sincere smile and proceeded to take my virginity. With every thrust I cried out for help seems like it turned him on cause he went harder and deeper. I could feel myself ripping from the inside and the blood all over my uniform confirmed what I already knew. I was no longer a girl/ child I was made a woman by the man who birth me. My Mother was too busy praising him for his good job and how well he provided for us that when I built up the nerve to tell her. She put me on the street accussed me of not being a virgin. She said she saw how my hips had spread I was fucking and tried to blame my father for it. He just smiled even told my mother to forgive me for my lies and that I could still live there. I was done with the nightly visits or the late trips from soccer practice with pit stops in the parking lot of walmart for me to pleasure him. Putting me out was the best thing she could have ever done. I now know that men aren't worth my time but to give me money and shut the fuck up.

"Hey Girl" Tony chimed knocking me out of my memories

"what is up with you ms.jackpot" looking at her up and down the girl looked like she stepped off a runway

"oh hush Tasha it's nothing like that I am currently looking for another job as we speak just not here"

" you just like the jefferson's huh moving on up" humming the bridge to the 80's show

"it's not like that so stop we're getting to know each other that's all"  she looked flushed

"you gave him some I bet a woman doesn't go to paris for free you look like the freaky too good and quiet"
tasha pushed the envelope just to see would she budge

" welp I think it's about time for me to go check ya later girl" checking her watch she hurried to the elevator

"don't forget us little people" tasha smirked

Tony stopped in her tracks she wasn't sure what Tasha was getting at exactly being single for as long as she had been was no easy task. Although she wasn't actually in  a relationship with Glen she was definetly happy in the direction it was going in so why could her homegirl just be happy for her. There was never a moment that she didn't hold out hope that Tasha would find a good guy. She had found a lot of good guys that she always found something wrong with from he's broke to he doesn't like the same music as her to he's toooo perfect. She found an excuse not to be loved or love another man ever now her jealously was written all over her face.

"excuse me what does that mean tasha?"

"you know excatly what it means Tony don't play" folding her arms

"acutally I don't if I did I wouldn't ask for you to explain it"

"well don't get so comfortable being the apple of his eye trust you're just a test project hun you are no threat to the thousand of girls waiting at his door to suck him up" she chuckled holding her stomach

" well time will tell hun" waling towards the elevator head held high

The last part of the conversation played over and over in my head was Tasha right am I just a project. I was going against anything I had ever done and the person that should have been the happiest from me wasn't. I could count the times on one hand that I gushed about a man......once! seems to me like as long as I was single and sad and stayed in that lane it was okay. Although Tasha would never admit I'm sure she had a thing for Glen for sometime now. I wasn't having sex with Glen and it had been over a month of us spending almost everyday with each other. He respected my decision and never pushed the issue I wonder why he must be getting it from somewhere else.


  1. Oh this one hit a little too close to home with the molestation scene for me :( But overall sooo very true...the happier I got in my relationship the more distant my so called friends got...now I only see their asses on facebook #tragic


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  3. That was a really suprising turn with the molestation..added fuel to the fire though!! I loveeee this story keep it coming!! Can i get this on my Kindle?!?! lol..jk


  4. girllll ive been stalking your blog since friday for this damn excerpt! keep'em coming i cant wait til next weekend and nice work!

  5. You are an amazing writer and a gorgeous woman. Are these stories fiction? Or based on your own life experiences?

  6. these stories are fiction and thank you so much for reading.

  7. I am hooked, can't wait for the next installment. You write exceptionally well.

  8. I am truly loving these stories! Can't wait for the next edition...


  9. This is good keep coming dont take forever before u post another one. Lol


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