29 October 2011


I couldn't get Tasha's laugh out of my head or what she said as I walked out of my job that I dedicated the last few years of my life to. I was living in my home that Glen paid off because he didn't want me to have any financial worries. I swear that man was to good to be true he even asked my mother permission to court me. I mean who still did those kinds of things in this day and time? No One I know. My Mother recently learned what the Internet was a took the privilege of putting Mr.Cage name in google  and she was overwhelmed in her findings. She took pride in hearing that I was dating such a handsome and well off black man. I never looked at him l  like a money sign. I mean the perks were great but the time the conversations and our intimate moments were great. He was humble, Caring and most off committed to getting to know me what more could I ask for. I was suppose to be catching up with Miguel for lunch but Tasha comments kept bothering me and insecurity was slowly creepin in.

I loved Smith and Wollensky they had the best view on the entire strip of Miami Beach. I could see Miguel a mile away. I don't know who could miss him he was 6'2 the physique of a NFL football baller. The Betsey Johnson bag, lip gloss and ridiculously arched eyebrows clearly outed him a gay male. I think he took pride in standing out the way he did. We had been friends since the sandbox days when he would do my hair and play with  my dolls while all the other boys were busy chasing lizards and burning ants with a magnifier glass. During Middle School he actually lived with us for a few months while children and family found him a home. I guess his father just couldn't deny the suspicions about his only sons sexuality when he discovered him kissing a boy in their back yard after school. He beat him so bad fractured 4 of his ribs broke his nose seeing it was bit much. Miguel understood and excepted his sexuality from day one at time it got him trouble when he would flirt with straight boys on the varsity team. Some would go for it and settle for a quick blow job behind the gym. Others reactions weren't so nice he was maced once which was his last time he ever attempted to convert another straight man on in the gay world a "trade". It was something about hanging out with him that always lifted my spirits.

"Hey Fish" he screamed

"oh honey I live for your bag where you get it"  admiring the pink and zebra print bag

"my new boothang took me on a little shopping spree" he twirled around showing off his ensemble before sitting

"I missed you thanks for calling I needed this little girls day out" chuckling at the thought of calling him  a girl

"well life is for living which is why I signed you up to help me do make up for this fashion show......excuse me waiter" attempting to let fly by his statement

"excuse me what show? you can't be serious I'm not a make up artist Miguel"

" Your face is beat for the Gods every time I see you what are you talking about it's the Miss Florida pageant so all the ladies are already beautiful throw a little eyeshadow on them bitches and they good gosh" rolling his eyes

" well what's in it for me queen"

"a friendship of ya life and a your choice of one item from the show"

" I guess that means accessories or shoes" chuckling at the fact that nothing else would fit.

"deal chick just one last thing it's tonight...."

I screamed his name so loud everyone stopped and starred to make sure I was okay Miguel just chuckled at my antics. I knew it was a reason he was going to pay for this expensive lunch date he was up to something. The night was filled with pretty ladies of the entire state some had accents that sounded as if they were from Georgia. I was assigned to five girls all when asked what type of direction they wanted to go for their look all said :"just make me pretty". I did my job and then some you would be surprised how some of those women looked in person. I even saw one of the girls throwing up her lunch in one of the waste bins  which was disturbing to say the least. one of the young women who happens to be from port St Lucie,Fl name Christian stuck out to me. She was around 5'11 at least 145 lbs but she was so curvy her almond shaped eyes were piercing. During her makeup session she actually opened up about how nervous she was although she was the reigning Miss Florida and was just there to present. A lot went into being Miss Florida I never knew the gifts and prizes ranged from a free condo for a year and a cash settlement in some cases even a car. I packed my bags after finishing her up and headed on my way out. I called Glen who said he was going to a function to show his friend support. So Tonight would be a Will and Grace and Ice Cream kind of night until my eyes turned red.

Although he was missing in action last night he more then made it up for me tonight. We we're at Prime 112 Steakhouse on Wednesday nights they had live bands play everything from jazz to salsa. The food was great I am a big steak lover give me a steak and some potatoes and I'm in heaven. I loved the way he would pull me in closer gripping my hips. The Music the food and the atmosphere really was putting me in the mood. The wine helped to loosen me a bit as well. When we were together nothing mattered and no one else was even around. The convo with Tasha was slowly retracting from my thoughts tonight was the night I would give myself to him. I mean he has waited a total of six months on two continents it was about time. He never rushed me and I loved that part of him.

"Glen is that you" a woman was standing into of our table and what a familiar face it was

"Chris what's up girl" releasing me to stand up and embrace this woman

"oh you're Candice right?" keeping her eyes on him the whole time

"yes and you're Chirstian right" malice traced my voice

"hold up" stepping back looking back and forth between the two

"I did her make up for that event I told you about is this Chris?"

" yes but-"

"Glen is my ex-fiance" Christian bluntly stated



  1. Wooooow!

  2. girlllllllll! i cant wait til next week!

  3. I been waiting for this all week. I kept checking back! Cant wait till the next one!

  4. Awww sookie sookie! Drama, drama, drama!!! I love it, I just caught up on all of these since I had only ever read the first one. So good, loves the queen, yes I'm such a hag!!!

  5. Interesting..... This is an awesome blog.....

  6. wow!!! i thought he only like "hefty" women?!?!? hmm...it's getting juicy!!

  7. Wow! This is awesome. I had been looking forward to it all week. I love reading this!



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