09 November 2011


The Valet couldn't arrive fast enough with his car I was officially pissed the hell off. I watched the man who has broken down all my walls embarrass me. Who in the hell did she think she was walking to my table and dismissing me in the process. The ink wasn't dry on the receipt and I was already half way out the door yelling for his white Rolls Royce Phantom. I had allowed myself to fall for a man that obviously had feelings for his ex. I could feel him hot on my tracks as I exited He yelled my name at the top of his lungs with no answer in return. I was done for the night and just wanted to go home and  eat my entire carton of Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice cream. The Night for adventure had turned into the night of many soon to come tears. I didn't want him to see me like this. The valet was taking to long and as he approached the exit I found my composer in the back seat of a taxi. I didn't want to talk or even see him for that matter.


"Glen time to come in now before your Dad gets home"  she screamed from the third floor to the playground

"Alright Ma Five Minutes" he pleaded

"No you know how your Father gets if we're not ready " widening her eyes to emphasise ready

"yes ma'am" dropping his tonka truck

Growing up in a home where you fear the Man that raised you was no easy life. Mr. Glen Cage Sr. was a war veteran who seemed to comeback with more anger and distraught before leaving. He courted Melanie Williams after she served him coffee at the local diner and gave him that million dollar smile. She was sweet as any thing he had ever seen. She made him wait and ask for her number everyday for 5 months straight before finally giving in. He was the perfect gentleman never too touchy or flirtatious he respected the fact that she was both a virgin and christian. He stopped smoking and cursing once she expressed to him her true passion for God.  It took 4 years of courtship and No Sex when he popped the question to make her his wife. She more then happily sad yes he was a hard worker and would make a lovely to say the least.

Things changed after she became his wife he took the bible to a whole other level and soon she was being told she had to honor him because the bible said so. Things that were once as simple as going to church became difficult. He would tell her she couldn't wear certain things because she was ruffling the feathers of some church women. He Claimed to have seen the pastor and a few deacons lusting after her every sunday. She stood 5'8 210 lbs with the smallest waist and full hips you can imagine A Pencil skirt and those hips should have been illegal in some states. He wanted her to wear no make and speak as little as possible.  She would go to the store and upon her return he wanted to check her underwear to see if she had sex with anyone while she was out. The man that she loved and was now 4 months pregnant with his first child was now the person she wished  was the furthest away from.


  1. I love the story ,but it needs to be tweaked a smidge. Proofreading is very helpful.

  2. will do as soon as i get home...thanks for reading.

  3. You have me into these confessions like im reading a mary monroe novel an i finsih her books in two days so you definitely keeping me waiting and wanting more keep them coming. also i wanting to know how your doing on the HCG Diet my gyno dr. friefield offers the program an i have an appointment for monday but i did research an is kinda skeptical as to rather or not i can be dedicated to a 500 cal. diet an he charging 320.00 to start an i dont wanna waste money so if you give a brief post if you can i would really appreciate it.....

  4. Hey I have a question....I just love ur shape and size to the T! I am a bigger girl....I'm like 5'5 321 and I just want to know what is ur height? What size do you wear in jeans and a bra? I know it is kind of weird and personal but I would love to rock skirts, dresses and leggings like you.

  5. I'm 5'4 I wear a 20 in jeans because my hips are huge. And I'm a 44DD I hope this helps

  6. Hey Hun, I'm new to your blog, I'm loving the confessions, and you ROCKED that animal print dress girl!! Any who, if you like please follow my blog at www.theefashionstalker.blogspot.com and if you have a twitter follow me @IAMQUIANDIOR

    THANKS :)


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