06 November 2011


Did she say Fiance I could have smacked that smirk clear off her face that spoke a thousand words. I listened to her that entire talk about her ex fiance. She even detailed how great he was in bed with his hands along with other things. I could the knots in my stomach as the two stood across from each other. It was as if time stood still. The thoughts of the man whom  I was dead heels over is the ex of Christian. It made even worse that she said she was going to sleep with him after the pageant. Apparantely during their courtship she cheated with several men after meeting them on the online and phone chat lines. She would lie about her age, occupation and relationship status. It wasn't until returning back from an out of contry trip that she had no choice but to tell him. The last man or woman she was with had infected her with crabs and she couldn't stop itching to save her life. She even admitted that she puposely dated men that were unattractive or had low self esteem to feel better or more desired. In her words "ugly men treat you better girl". I knew now why she needed to cheat.  The Man standing before me was not ugly or unattractive hell not even a blind woman could take that away from him. Success has a way of  making some people feel unworthy and in Christians case it did just that. Instead of her being happy for him and proud she began to be insecure and distant.

 "yes and ex is the key word"  he reached to for my hand

"now Glen it's just a matter of time until--"

"until what?" standing to match her gaze

"Chris don't start with this it is nothing and it will never be nothing"

He saw the questions that wanted to be asked and there was nothing he could do to make them go away. No words can help once a woman starts to question a person's motives or loyalty everything goes out the window. Christian had  never tried anything extra up until the other night after the show. She asked him to drop her off to her hotel because taxi's in Miami took entirely too long. It wasn't until a red light driving down washington ave she opened her legs slightly and began touching her self. She questioned him if he missed it the feeling of her tight walls gripping his manhood. she was too busy putting on show she didn't even realize him pulling over. It wasn't until he called her name that she noticed that he was directing her out of his vehicle with a crips 100 dollar bill. He wished her luck on getting  to her destination the best way she knew how.

Although it was very ungentlmen like to do so he figured she wasn't acting like such a lady so it was no big deal. She exited his Bentley slamming the door so hard you would have thought it broke. Her ego was definetly bruised but not for long. She  naturally thought she was every man's cup of tea and desire which clearly there was a man in Miami that was willing to turn her down. Tonight was no different she walked to the  table and made her prescence known. The Reigning Pageant queen had crabs and was on the chat line almost every night looking for some one anyone to fill her void in her bed and between her legs. It was deeper then the surface deeper then just a man rejecting her.



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