12 November 2011


It was 7 months and 15 days into her pregnancy that the man she loved decided to take her life. He watched her make her grocery list put on her fire engine red lipstick and head out. Who did she think she was fooling acting like she was going shopping. I knew she was going to meet someone and have sex with them. I questioned if the child she was carrying was even mines. I mean after all she did get pregnant only 2 weeks after my return from overseas. I would question her and most times she would just cry even beating her wouldn't get the truth out of her. I loved this woman from the first day I laid eyes on her why couldn't she be loyal. It took 2 hours for her to pick out some damn groceries.

"hun can you come help with these bags" she yelled upstairs

---- no answer

all of the lights were out and even the dog was silent after calling his name several times. Flicking the light switch nothing was turning on where in the world was my husband. I could feel him but I couldn't see him I knew this had to be one of his outburst. It usually occurred when I went anywhere for more then an hour. My week wasn't right without one of his antics of the sort. This time was different there was no noise no outburst just silence. I could feel my baby kicking my womb he must be feel the worry inside of me. Almost instantly I could feel him behind me his massive hand were on my throat while the other searched my underwear. I screamed for help as loud as possible. He tightened his grip harder I could feel myself drifting away slowly.

" Bitch if I can't have you no one can now get up" releasing his grip

she didn't move this time all the other times he would beat her and she'd get right back up. This time was different He shook her but her body was limp. He never wanted to hurt her just scare her to make sure she understood who was in charge. He couldn't loose her like he lost ppl in the war. He had watched friends die in his arms day after day after day. His wife was beautiful and he knew that his absence gave way for other men to take what was his. Why wasn't she moving her face had turned a light gray her lips whitened. He looked down and saw fluids coming from under her summer dress. The baby was coming and now it was possible he would loose both of them.

Those memories hunted Glen Sr. his whole life he sat behind bars for attempted murder. The one thing that he feared now was a reality after seeing his wife unresponsive. He had no choice but to call 911 to come and rescue. It was 2 o'clock on a hot summer morning was Glen Cage Jr. was born 9lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long threw emergency c-section. The doctors worked as hard as they could on her she had lost alot of oxygen. Her pulse was strong which showed she was fighter but everything else appeared both week and fragile. Glen Jr. was sent to live with relatives and forced to be raised by family members that weren't his mother and father.

Every year like clock work he would receive a letter from a state correctional facility from his father and every year he would return to sender. It was no words to be spoken no apologies to be sad the reality spoke for itself. It had been 2 weeks since the big blowout with Candice she was not answering any phone calls or the door for any of the flower delivery companies. I know It was wrong not to tell her who Chris really was to me. I just didn't want her to worry so I brushed it under the rug as if I was just going to see a friend. I mean she was a friend up until she pulled her little stunt the other night. I thought that it was both reasonable and true that ex's can be friends after a break up. Obviously the answer was now hell no.

I exited the helicopter atop of University of Miami Hospital after dedicating over 2 million dollars to research it was one of the perks. My mother had survived my fathers assault barely. She now had the brain and functions of a small child. The UM was the most advance in the field of traumatic incidents like hers. I could not care for her like they could she would have brain seizures now and go in and out of consciousness. It took 25 yrs of living to be able to afford to give her this treatment but it was well worth it and overdue. When I would stress or just simply needed to talk. I went to her for advice and although everyone else assumed she didn't understand me I still spoke to her with the most sincere and loving tone of a child. I wish I had known her before the chaos but things always don't go the way we'd like. I had never come to talk to her about a woman before this would definitely be a first. I didn't know what to do so now I would just speak from my heart.

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