15 November 2011


So I watched the Finale of BBW L.A. and I have to say I was very proud of Gloria for deciding to leave Matt. I could honestly understand where she was coming from her fiancee went four years while he cheated and deceived her. To only reveal to the world that four years and two children later her finally is in READY. I couldn't help thinking is he serious how can he just get it after all this time.  I know that feelings and emotions are sometimes at it best confusing but geesh. I thought about the time I was confronted with a spouse cheating on me. The other woman actually offered to have lunch with me before I found out to "ease my mind" that nothing was going on. This was the most trivial and down single most disrepectful thing a human being has ever tried to do to me. Have Lunch? Can You believe that *shrugs* I don't either.

I was approached by someone the other and as they talked me up on my looks and my attire. I finally asked my first question always: Are you single? You'd be surprised of the answers. That day they acutally were: " we not in love no more" and " the love is gone" and my fav " I'm just holding on". I don't know maybe for some this is a valid enough reason to exchange number after all their not happy right? WRONG!  I think if a person truly isn't happy they would simply leave dont you think.  I mean would n't that be the logical thing to do? My ex's other woman (who happens to be smaller then me) went on a smear campaign. 

I was devalued and even ridiculed of my size just so their infidelity would be more easily accepted. I don't agree when women say "his/her partner doesn't do this or that or she won't even go down etc if they did they husband/wife wouldn't be coming to me" I mean if he hasn't left and you're just an addition. why not just do your service and keep your mouth shut.  I got out of my situation cheating is a two way street. I say both parties are at fault. So many times ppl jump down the other persons throat and leave their partner with little to no responsibity or cause of the hurt. I say both are to blame and need to handled accordingly.

I encourgae everyone to take a stepback picture yourself in that persons shoes and then think would you do the same if it was you.....


  1. I come to your site and is amazed by the things I read........I was happy4 her too. In ur situation all I can say is wow I mean some chicks have no shame.

  2. Yea, I totally agree. I've been in that spot where someone cheated on me. That pain does not go away. Even now when I see that ex, I cringe at the thought of him disrespecting me the way he did. I blame him. And the woman? Well, at the time she thought she won. But i'm sure she now sees that we both won..but in a different aspect.

  3. omg girl you have opened up a can of worms!!!!!!!! I can say I have been the other woman once before in that moment I felt it wasn't a big deal. As I got wiser and grew spiritually I understood that I was just as much if not more at fault then he was. I was the one laying spreading my legs and like you said making the excuse of "if his wife was doing he wouldn't be here" smh Thank You so much for this like FOR REAL!

  4. I have been the other woman... why, because I didn't like myself and he wanted to spend his "spare" time with me. It is not something I like to admit, but it's the truth whether I like it or not. I was young, green and stupid... thought I was doing something by "taking" another woman's man. Well, we moved in together (actually he moved into MY place) and low and behold... here his ex is that he left for me, calling the apartment. Come to find out he was still seeing her and talking to several other females at the same time. I got out of there as fast as I could, lease broken, everything... but I realized that it was not a good thing, nor cute, nor did any of it make me feel better about myself. If you're not happy, either make a pact to work on it, or just leave because fooling yourself or hurting someone is not the way to go.


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