10 December 2011



The sun was beaming threw the floor to ceiling windows that Glen had installed it was almost impossible  getting a good rest in the afternoon. I hadn't been out of bed in over a week except to shower and pick up my delivery from the local Cuban cafe around the corner. It was really sad honestly  I had missed three hair appointment over the past month. It was useless to feel fancy on the outside if I didn't feel it on the inside at all. The man I loved and almost gave myself completely to didn't understand where I was coming from. I received a ton of gifts,flowers, and let's not even start on the jewelry. What he didn't understand that a simple I'm sorry would have done the job. Every delivery truck was turned around and the only thing I managed to keep was his bouquet of chocolate covered Godiva Strawberries. I really wanted him to just hurry up and say sorry already. My phone hadn't rung and he had all but disappeared if it wasn't for his continuous gifts I would have thought the man was dead somewhere. My mother had called and offered her two cents and her continuous quotes of " a man that finds a woman finds a good thing". That woman knew a scripture for any and everything you were going threw I promise.  I hadn't charged my phone in days which meant no status updates on fb or twitter the world  automatically went  looking for me.

"Bitch I know you in there" Miguel Screamed at the top of his lungs banging on the door

He began to bang even harder and had actually started his own little beat at the door. I smiled silently trying not to make a move. The boy was definitely crazy  he and I both knew it after almost an hour of banging and no response. I watched his small frame walk away dripped in American Apparel from the head down. He was always going threw a phase with his fashion. I would see him one week he wanted to be exclusive rocking L.A.M.B, Gucci and Berluti shoes. Today he was rocking Levi jeans rolled up to Capri's, suspenders with a hot pink shirt and men's oxfords. I swear he could really reinvent himself I loved that part about him just not today. I knew he would get me out my slump. I honestly wanted to but the pain the lies and most of all the trust was gone. I could hear Miguel's Camaro in the driveway once more the man just didn't know what no meant I swear.

" so you not gone come to the door I see you bitch laying on that couch like a dead roach" he chuckled at his antics

" Go Aways" yelling

"Nope and I have just the thing to get you out of bed" Holding up a take-out  bag to my fav restaurant Phillipe Chow

Peeking up from the couch to see exactly what his crazy behind could be talking about. I couldn't believe he would do such a thing. He knew I loved Phillipe Chow after Glen took me there for a Night of Dining and I enjoyed the Lemon Pepper Calamari so much. I thought I had died and went to heaven this was definitely a low blow but for sure effective. I jumped from the couch so fast heading towards the door to let him in. He grinned from ear to ear knowing for sure he had won this battle.

"Girl you look a hot mess no tee no shade" running his hand threw my hair

"well hello to you to bitch"

"ohhhh somebody got that panties in a bunch don't get mad at me. I didn't do it to you I keep my Fat Pussy to myself honey. I'm not even trying to give mines away to your man like Miss Pageant Queen. This Pussy priceless" Grabbing in between in legs as if he had a real vagina

"So I take you heard" looking in his direction

"Heard who hasn't heard you know Miss thing is a Fag Hag and after that night you ran out like a runaway slave. Miss Thang has been running her trap to any Queen that will listen to her" shaking his head

"are you serious I wasn't running away from her I just didn't want to deal with the situation that's all"
"well what the hell you running for and especially from a good man like Glen. You don't give up on a man just like that you didn't hear his side did you?" crossing his arms


"Well what? Well how about your man having another woman on his arms because the one he chose walked out on him for something that she didn't even try to hear out. Well how about you miss out on your husband cause your pride is too much. Well---"

"Stop I get it!"

"Are You sure you do?"

The fact of the matter was I did regret not listening to him but he didn't try hard enough either. He just stood there with that dumb deer in the headlights look on his face. I mean I just didn't feel like he came to my rescue and rather then deal with it I ran. I have been told that for sometime now that I'm a runner it's just something that I do. Things not going good I run I don't trust him I run feeling some kind of way about a situation I run. It's like I ran so much that times,events,moments have passed me and honestly I had  a lot to loose by running. He was in the wrong so why didn't he chase me, come for me and to my rescue. I felt so helpless and most of all disrespected by a woman I barely knew. Miguel had said a mouthful I left a good man in Miami with the thoughts that I was done and threw. I couldn't stop myself from thinking who and what he was doing just imaging him with someone else made me sick to my stomach. I wanted to call but how would I start it off I had my reserves about calling. My Mother taught me to be strong with or without a man I guess sometimes I was to stubborn.

"Hello are you there" snapping his fingers in my face
"Yes I'm here and We gotta get my man back" smiling from ear to ear
"Operation Get Ya Umph Back is in full effect" jumping from the couch and grabbing his cell


  1. Hey girl! I love your blog and I enjoy this story! However, I do think it would help to proof read a couple of times for mistakes and spelling errors and to use more punctuation. It gets a little hard to follow sometimes because of the run on sentences. I hope my suggestions didn't come off as offensive, as that wasn't my intention at all! Again, I do love the story! Keep it coming!

  2. a cliffhanger really!? Im gonna need for you to come on with the next post lol! I live for CONFESSIONS OF A FAT GIRL!

  3. I don't find it offensive thank u for reading most times I go back and re read abd just save the changes.

  4. Linda I just started reading your blog and I'm smitten! But I must confess. I need to read more this!!!!! Thanks for a great read!


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