09 December 2011


Hey Girlies! If you don't keep in contact with me on fb then you probably wouldn't know i have been without my poor little camera for about two weeks now. I ended up having to get a total new one for those of you wondering what kind of camera I use . I currently used a Nikon D3100 it retailed me about $900 with add ons and warranty. It's actually on sale at best by for about $679 which is a great steal if you ask me. I was contacted by one of my followers on fb to do a  skinny jeans with heels look so here goes! Most of my OOTN are usually dresses but I attended church and took the chance to rock some pants. Oh and before I forget my hair has changed once again. My stylist gave me a very classic yet funky roll. tell me what you think. My hair is and will always change depending on my mood I'm tapping into my Chrisette Michelle lol

SHIRT Michael Kors $130
Pants Seven Jeans $70
Heels Aldo $110
Bag ebay $20



  1. Sooo cooool!
    Love, love your hair style!:)
    Follwoing U now!:)

  2. I love your hair. It goes perfect with the outfit. I am the samr way. I change my hair every two weeks to a month. I have to keep people guessing. They never know what's coming or what to expect.

    Anywho, you look perfect in this fit.

  3. I love it!!! Always fab! Who did your hair?? Did u get it done here in Miami?

  4. yes I did!!!!!!!!! I love Miami!

  5. I love it too! I go to school in DC but I'm originally from Miami and everytime I come home to visit, I'm always eagar to see how the trends and styles in hair, clothing, makeup and all around beauty have changed! This style is soooo fab! See you tomorrow night at the swap event!!

  6. where can I get that shirt from I need it!!!! Fab outfit

  7. i got my shirt from macy's but a follower stated that she got one about a month ago from ross you just have to look long and hard for it i guess


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