06 January 2012


I was in a deep sleep when my phone rang I must say my first thought was to send it to the voicemail. Today I can honestly say I'm glad I answered it was Mrs. Nickey Rae of NRFC. I must say I have not know Nickey for very long however her drive her will and motives are fierce,serious and powerful. I first saw her as a member of a Miami based group "chunky chicks". I was both intrigued and inspired by the all girl group of chunky women. It wasn't until a few years later I ran across her fb page and Nickey was no longer chunky. She made the conscious decision after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl to shed the pounds and start a healthier life for herself and her child.

During our almost hour conversation Nickey explained that although  she has a fitness center. She really wanted to reach out to us curvy gals and host a nightly of pole dance and chair exercise for us curvy girls. The trick was I yes me would have to go threw training in pole dancing and chair exercise to professionally and knowingly co instruct the class. I was honored that Nickey even thought of me for the position. So to my local ladies get ready get ready get ready! on Feb 9, 2012 at NRFC 15972 nw 27th ave (in the plaza on the end) there will be Thick Gals Pole Thursday!  The class is $20 and you will learn both pole dancing and chair exercise as well.  The first 6 to 10 ladies to confirm will be the first to be signed up. The space is limited and exclusive for serious inquiries feel free to inbox me or Nickey Rae on fb! 

I love her body both ways honestly I am just honored and feel as if I can learn a lot from her in my own weight loss/healthy eating journey.

I hope to see some of my lovely followers in their sexy heels and ready to learn some of these moves. I know I am ready and the next three weeks of my training will be no joke. I hope and pray that I don't hurt myself too much.  I guess it's all in good fun and better health if you ask me it will be worth every bit of pain I receive. 

A lot videos are on YouTube if you want to see what the classes are all about. I think it's a great idea to have a night exclusively dedicated to us curvy gals.  I can't speak for you but what i can say is alot of times when in the gym and classes i sometimes look around to much to see what's what so this should be something different if you ask me.



  1. This is a great idea..i would love to sign up. I command you on whatwhat your doing here I am trying to shed some pounds beforemy trip to domincian republic so I have been on a oatmeal diet ...this would be a delightful change

  2. Great idea I wish I was in your area :( BTW I tagged in a post on my page today. Check it out when u get a chance

  3. wonderful idea, still procrastinating about starting a pole dancing class for fitness

  4. I have only attended one class and I love it!!!! I attended a Lap Dance session that was the bomb!!! It helps you to encounter your sexy as well as work up a major sweat!

    I am gonna sign up for my class next week.


  5. great idea, that sounds like a fun way to drop some pounds!

  6. wish there was a fun class like this in my area. I got to the gym 4-5 times a wk and would love a good mix up.

    Broke Fatshion

  7. I want to lost this holiday 15 plus some! Thanks for the post!

    Fashion, Makeup & Photography blogger.

  8. I will be there



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