12 February 2012


First and Formeost I would like to say R.I.P The legendary Whitney Houston gone too soon and too traagic but the show must go one right? I was kind of disappointed with Clive Davis and his antics with his party while Mrs.Houston lay dead just a few floors up. I guess that's a whole subject in it self Tonight The Grammy's aired and boy did some folk show out!

First Up Nicki Minaj
I rate her a F!

I hate the dress the horrible lace front the gloves you name it I hate it. I believe Versace is rolling over in his grave at this foolishness. I want so much from Nicki but it truly seems like she like being a Novelty Joke. Everyone is trying so hard to STAND OUT. She would have shocked the world if she would have come out fierce and classy. This however is to be expected no only is it ugly but it's beginning to be predictable and played.

I rate her a A-
I love Adele and her dress is fierce especially how she accented her waist with the belt effect at the top. It not only makes her look slimmer but her torso longer as well. The only thing I wasn't so happy about was her choice of heel. I mean a sequenced dress and shoes is a bit much nor do I like the style. Other then that Adele rocked it out of the park

I rate her a A

I guess Mrs.Perry heard my cries for her to stop the fuckery clown like outfits when I saw her dress. I was floored and surprised she looked tasteful classy and with that detailing all over the dress she still managed to look unique without over doing it. I love the fact that her hair was still blue.

I rate her a B

I mean why does Rhianna look like she just stepped out the bed?  That messy look is not for the Grammy's maybe the BET awards but I guess. Her and Alicia Keys wore the same shoes I think she rocked far more better. The dress is revealing but hey she has the body for it so why not! Lord know I would lol

Kim K get a A!!!!!!

Simply put she can do no wrong in my eyes!

Awwww The Youtube sensation of toddlers who made it to fame by doing their version of Nicki Minaj "super bass" attended the grammy's reppin for elle. They are truly the cutest!


  1. i have to disagree. rihanna gets an A, her "beach babe" feel to her with the blonde hair is stunning. She did simple relaxed and yet SEXY, very much in accordance with her style as of lately.

    Kim however I give a B-. The chest area is TOO MUCH. I would have loved to see a hint of lip color, she is too pale in the face. Her hair is on point though. Love it. The dress and color and even detailing is beautiful but the overt cleavage just simplified the beauty of her ensemble in its entirety.

    1. Beach babe? Her hair looked tired dry and frizzy If that's the look she was going for bravo! I still don't like it everything else is perfect. Kim K cleveage I can understand but I love looking at it Smh thanks for your opinion and insight.

    2. I have to agree with Linda, Kim K looked amazing... her cleavage looks amazing is she looks so well-put together. Ri-Ri looks like she rolled out of bed and put on a skimpy dress. Its a carefree look for sure, but she looks a little raggedy. Also, RiRi's neckline plunges far belows Kim... so how is this good for the "goose" but not for the "gander"?

    3. I'm glad someone agrees with me about that girls head during her performance her hair didn't even move.

  2. I loved Rihanna's look, beautiful skin, fierce dress that accented her beautiful body...and those shoes! I loved those shoes that went well with the outfit and I also loved them on Alicia Keys because Alicia has thick legs and the shoes draws attention to those legs. I also liked Rihanna's hair, it's relaxed and comfortable. It reminds me of Goldie Hawn (sp) in the movie Overboard with Kurt Russel (I think that was him).

    As far as Nicki Minaj, I don't know. She has a bangin' body and at each award show I am anticipating her to wow me/us/the crowd, hoping that she will show up in something that will make us only dream of wearing that outfit/dress and look just as good in it as she did. I think she's trying to hard to stand out and get attention, too bad she's so clueless and doesn't know she could stand out if she wore something that was stunning.

  3. I was with you until you gave Kim K an A! That dress is not classy nor Grammy appropriate. And it irks me that people ride for certain celebs regardless. Kim dress was not her best. I've seen her look better. For example Angeline Jollie for the S. A. G awards wore this dress which was not cute just because it was her the named her best dress. I think not! and I def agree with you when it comes to Nicki Minaj her a Lady Gaga cam over due it at times. Sometimes simplicity makes you stand out. I'm done lol

    1. FitKitty you have your opinion and I have mines I thought she was hot sexy with the cleveage and still grammy appropriate trust me it seems like she was overdressed compared to others. I am not riding with her because of her name. I genuinely loved the look if she wore something that i didn't agree with i would slay no questions asked.I'm not delusional or prejudice when it all come down to it fashion will always trump a fav.

  4. Lol i did a review too. I agree with you about nicki... i just couldnt deal... but i disagree with you on Katy! While the dress is superb, i feel like the hair made her look like she was trying to become a real live smurfette...

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