14 March 2012


Hello Divas!

I know I have been missing please don't be mad at me with work, work and more why schedule has been crazy as ever. I welcome success so I won't complain during my time off I was in the mall and this man walked up to me and said " you killing the game ma" and literally walked away. That moment stuck with me I don't know if it was how serious and sincere he sounded but I like his saying. I thought about it and I decided to start a killing the game feature. It's my way of shinning a light on all the fly sexy chicks who kill the game. So if you feel as if your are killing the game in your local city feel free to submit your pics with a brief description of your fashion.

First up is my Sister from another Mister Lucy from Miami! I have admired her style for some time now!

If you can describe your fashion in three words what would they be?
The three words I would use to describe my fashion are personal, sophistication, unique.

In order to put an outfit together what is the most essential piece?

When putting together an outfit my most essential pieces are my accessories because to much can over power an outfit and to little can cause an outfit to look to plain, My hair because your hair due can make or break your outfit, and a nice pair of shoes and clutch that will compliment each other.

over the past few years how has your fashion changed?

I can say that the past few years I have added more colors to my wardrobe. I’m plus size and I use to always stick to darker colors because it tend to make me look slimmer but I learned to just embrace my size

 what size are you?
With or without my body magic lol j/k
I’m a size 16/18 or XL/2XL

Is there a part of your body that you dislike and how do you deal with it mentally and fashion wise?
Yes. My butt since I lack a little back there but I tend to wear legging and tops that cover my butt half way so it can give me some type of curve back there. Also wearing dresses or tops that have an elastic waist, or just adding a belt.

 Lucy does not have a blog however she does has a strong Youtube following be sure to follow her and show her some love!



  1. lucy is flyyyyyyyyyy as ever and so beautiful!

  2. She needs to have a blog asap!

  3. do me! do me! www.izzygetsbizzy.com

    (Lucy's baby is sooooo cute!)

  4. I love her style! She knows how to pick pieces that are flattering AND stylish. I'll definitely check her YouTube channel out. Great post!

    Sarah Jane R.

  5. Luv her style!! looks fab...


  6. I would love to make an entry!!! Dunno how?

  7. You look beautiful! Hope you're having fun

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  8. I watch her YouTube Channel and LOVE her! She is so beautiful!!


  9. What is her YouTube channel?


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