24 March 2012


well I know I have been Missing as of lately to be honest blogging is so fun to me and although I have a bunch of ideas sometimes I just don't get around to it. Do you forgive me? Hopefully the answer is YES! Now lets get to the subject at hand MY WISHLIST! I make one almost monthly and sometimes I'm able to get most of the items. I never buy anything without using a promo code so trust I'm already searching for some for my items. Some spring trends I want to try but some trends are not for me. I think just because someone says it's a trend doesn't mean we have to flock to the stores and pick it up. Just because it works for a model in an edition of Vogue doesn't mean it will work for you.


Okay so I went to Aldo yesterday and These Lovely shoes were in the window. I never understood what the word Shoegasm meant but yesterday I can say I did. It was explainable the feeling of seeing a shoe  that you must have. Now neon is IN for the spring and although I may not try it all of over but I definitely will be looking for little ways to merge this spring trend into my wardrobe..

The sheer the color and the length give me life honey!

now y'all know I'm a Gucci gal and this all gold Gucci tote is so hot! I think the possibilities are endless to say the least. I actually saw my hair tech with it and in person the gold is way more brighter this picture shows. The bag retails for $850 a bit much but a girl can dream!

I'm currently on the search for the perfect maxi dress to add to this ever growing list!


  1. great post. i love neon. nice to see a fellow curvy girl blogging too. xx



  2. I love love love Gucci, but I've become addicted to vintage Gucci in particular!! I need to curve the addiction. my collection s growing rapidly!

    1. oh how can we swap? lol i am getting more and more addicted to MCM vintage. I don't really know where to go for gucci vintage do tell...

  3. I love the shoes, I wish I had them in every color!


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