09 April 2012



It been almost a month and the love of my life has gone missing. I know she is disppointed in me but what was i suppose to do. You know women kill me sometimes a man needs a few moments to collect his thought. I had no idea the two knew each let alone worked with each just  a few days prior. I could see the hurt in her face as she made her exit so rapidly. I wanted to reach for her, hold her, caress her but I sat there still and dumbfounded. It had been years since I felt this way towards any woman. I have dated super models, beauty queens, news anchors but none of them were her. I knew that now in her absence I felt this way for a woman. I had never been with intimiately which tells me it's far more beyond sex with us. I want our first time to Magicial. She was unlike any woman I've ever dated or come across gifts, jewerly, material things wouldn't fix this wound.

I had given my CFO Notice of my much needed hiatus from the company. I had Known Kevin Garrett for most of my adult life. He was one of the first people who backed my idea after a brief synopisi in our college business class. He even took a second loan out on his home to help jump start the business with no hesistation. So it was only right to make him the CFO no one knew business mangagment  like him. Times had surely changed from our younger years. We no longer spent hours on public transportation going from office to office looking for more investors to believe in Our dream. Instead we had six figure foreign cars and company jets. This break was well needed and well deserved over the past few years it was a first. I didn't know what i wanted to do or whereve i wanted to go for that matter. I did however know who i wanted to spend it with.

"Dammit Candice answer this phone I'm trying to give you some much needed info about your man " Nicole whispered into her earpiece

She had tried calling her for the fourth time today  only to have to leave another angry voicemail to go with the other 100 she had made over the passing weeks. She received the news in her company email that Mr. Glen Cage was temporairly placing Kevin Garrett in charge. There was no definete date of his return and from the few times he was seen in passing. He looked horrible gone was his welcoming demeanor and million dollar smile. He now appeared quiet and to himself he he had given upon stopping by to speak to me and tasha. He would ask almost everyday did we speak to Candice yet only to hear No. I think Tasha enjoyed seeing him messed up in this manner. Its like she thrieved off of others pain and heartache. She called Candice everyday she waited for the day she would answer so she could yell I TOLD YOU SO!. A man like Glen was use to a certain kind of a woman. He was better off with his beauty queen that made more sense. A wealthy man with a Trophy Wife what in hell would Candice be?  It was time she got of her slump and realized her Cinderella story was over and her reality check had just arrived.

Kevin Garrett was coming to head up the Miami Office and have over all control of the company. That man was head strong and very much so aggressive. He was Glen's right hand man and in his eyes he could do no wrong. It was just noted to every female on every floor should definetly retire their skirts and stick strictly to pants suit. Kevin was known to make women feel a certain way around the office. He alone was the reason I decided to leave Atlanta. I was a growing force in the marketing/sales division one year I managed to make the company over $500.000 all by myself using great social skills. I was one of the first to start the companies twitter and fb accounts. I used social networking sites to talk directly to the people and they in return opened their wallets and purses will smiles on their faces. I had my run in with Kevin after her moved me to his floor. My cubicle sat directly in front of his office and he watched me for hours. Sometimes he would stroke his manhood threw his expensive slacks. I had to something when Miami opened up a posistion I made the decision to leave. I never thought I would have to see him again this office was far bigger then the Atlanta branch. I could only hope that he didn't remember me and things would run smoothly while he was here.

Miguel paced up and down yelling demands into his phone. He knew anybody who was somebody on the Miami Fashion scene. It was evident that I needed help with this whole opertation of getting my man back. We had yet to explore each others body but I was ready. I wanted him like no other and I knew that now I would never leave his side again. I envisioned our first embrace Our first kiss and the first time he would fill me up. I was now more motivated then ive ever been in my life. It wasn't his money that attracted me it was his heart. In two hours My hair was completed with long following tresses that tocuched the tip of my butt. I had even had eyelash extensions and Miguel had done a great job on my make up. I wanted everyhing to be perfect. I wanted to be just right for him not a hair out of place. Placing the final touches on my Make up Miguel stepped back to Marvel in his work.

"Bitch I live for you mug you are beat to the God" He jumped up and down

"now what does that mean?" Chuckling

"what does what mean bitch?" he looked confused

"beat to the Gods" there was always some new lingo

"it means you are pussy you are cunt you are the shit bitch and your make up by ME is hot shit" twirling around the living room

"why thank you get your life" giggling in unison

"yes hunty i will" Miguel laughed

I was finally ready to get him back and whatever it took I know he was wrong he definetly knows it and this was our time to come together and make it work. I grabbed my keys to my car which was so weird having only one key to a car now. Glen had grown tired of me refusing his offers at my buying me a better car then my 1999n honda civic. I came home one day and there it was a 2012 Mercedes s550 all black with peanut butter insides. He had them to custom make my head rest with my initials engraved. I cried for days and told him to take it back. He only joked and said the company refused because of the headrest which i Know was an all out lie in itself. That man was amazing to say the least. I finally turned on my phone to be greeted with over 200 text messages and 100 voicemails most from Tasha. I'm sure she didn't want much but to be noisy. It was rare to see Nicole call and leave so many voicemails she hated leaving voicemails and did only seldomly. I listened to hers and Got the news that Glen was taking an hiatus from the company immediatley dialing her number.

"where the hell you been?" Nicole answered her phone demanding an answer
"I've been around well hello to you to"
"Candice that's not cool you went missing on me did you listen to all of my voicemails?" relieved to finally hear from her
"yes and what do you mean Glen is leaving?"
"He is leaving, taking a break, Hauling ass since you messed his mind up" she smiled at the effect women have on men

"do you know when?" desperation in her voice

"well we are throwing him a going away party im headed to LIV now"

The line immediatley went dead I hung up the phone and immediatly raided the several racks of clothes that Miguel had sent over. I was showing up and showing out gone were the days that i hide behind baggy clothing and loafers. I slipped into a Karen Kane bodycon dress and my Red bottoms and was out the door in no time. I couldn't wait to make it there to see his face once again pressing my foot on the gas reaching speeds on 110 mph. I had to get to my man and I had to do it Now.



  1. Yes Gawdd! Ive been waiting on this and of course you left us with a cliffhanger! lol

    1. kelly it's no fun if you don't have a cliff hanger lol thanks for reading i honestly thought ppl didn't read these as much as i thought. i have been getting request on my tumblr,google and everything else.

  2. Yesss! Finally! I been checking and checking. Love it.

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  4. love it, keep it coming, when is the next one cant wait.

  5. im with you 317kshaw ive been checking as well an glad to see the confessions have return........

  6. I too have been checking and I'm so happy to see it back.


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