17 April 2012



I was in the nail shop the other day when the topic of Indian Remy/virgin hair came about for the most part everyone  agreed that when it came down to hair money was not a problem. I have invested in Indian Remy/virgin hair simply because it's just that an investment. Everyone doesn't have $600 plus laying around for hair but understand that hair with the proper treatment/care that same hair can last you months and sometimes up to a year. I recommend for beginners to Remy/virgin hair try using a pre packaged Remy like bobbi boss, first remi, velvet and hollywood.  It will be a bit cheaper but you will definitely tell the difference then what you've been rocking prior. 

so you've decided that you want to take the leap and invest in premium hair? 

Virgin Remy hair is absolutely natural hair and unprocessed. Natural hair color of Indian women varies from natural black to dark brown. Hence, when you buy virgin Indian Remy hair, you may not get the exact color you want. The color may even be slightly different between the bundles you purchase. However, during installation, the bundles can be blended nicely to give a very natural look, just like the natural hair of Indian women. Typically, hair lovers who desires a real natural look prefers this type of hair. However, if you want a specific color, then you can ask your stylist to color the virgin hair to the color you like. Since, this hair is unprocessed and has all its cuticles intact, it takes coloring very well. This is another reason, many women prefer virgin Indian Remy hair for custom matching hair color to your style. 

The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair and is responsible for the protection of the hair. It is made up of several layer of cells that lay on top of each other like shingles, as shown under a microscope in the picture above. Cuticles are directional pointing out from the scalp toward the end. You cannot see them with the naked eye but you can feel them is you run your finger from the bottom of a long hair toward the scalp. It is this layer that is removed or not removed that determines the quality of the hair.
Remy Hair also know as cuticle hair is hair that has been collected from a single donor/person. The hair is gathered into a pony tail, tied off and then cut. This method of hair collection keeps all of the hairs cuticles running in the same direction. All of the hairs cuticles running in the same direction is what makes this hair Remy hair. The hair is then gently processed for color, waves and curls. This hair is matt free and can last for 12 months or more depending on personal maintenance and wear.
Virgin Remy Hair is hair that is collected in the same manner as explained above thus making it Remy, however this hair does not undergo any type of chemical processing for color, waves and curls. This hair has been left in it's natural state. Virgin Remy hair depending on the origin, typically comes in only dark colors such as a natural 1B/2 as this is the natural hair color of the donor. This hair is matt free and can last up to 18 months or more depending on personal maintenance and wear. It's the creme of the crop, it doesn't get any better than this.


YES I SAID IT FAKE, FAKE AND MORE FAKE! when deciding to purchase hair especially online I encourage you to investigate the company that you have decided to purchase from. If their website doesn't look professional and don't provide you with a number to contact DON'T buy from that seller. If you can't contact them now after they get your money you can almost bet they definitely will not want to be reached. If they price sounds to good it likely IS  there is no way 22 inch is going to cost $50 dollars a pack.  This is your money your investment so of course take it seriously.


  1. DOES THE HAIR COME FROM ONE DONOR? (Doing that prevents the Remy hair from a single donor getting mixed up with another donor with different hair texture. It ensures consistent quality in each bundle.)
  3. IS IT SINGLE DRAWN? (A benefit of 'single drawn' Remy is that the cuticles run in the same direction preventing the hair from getting all matted and tangled, leaving you with natural looking, glossy hair extensions. )
 I hope this has helped some of my lovely diva's on your journey <3



  1. im glad someone broke it all down for me because a lot of people are confused on the difference between remy and virgin.

  2. Some corrections

    Virgin hair-cuticles are aligned

    Remy hair-cuticles are not aligned

    u have its mixed up above...

    when u add Remy to any hair texture you are saying that the hair has been processes in some way stem, chemical and so on.

    Anything unprocessed is considered virgin.. not virgin remy....

  3. when you add the word remy to virgin-remy that means what? I specifically stated what virgin hair is Virgin Remy Hair is hair that is collected in the same manner as explained above thus making it Remy, however this hair does NOT UNDER GO any type of chemical processing for color, waves and curls. This hair has been left in it's natural state. I didn't go to school for hair so what I know I share and hopefully it helps someone. I encourage everyone to research on their own when making purchases like this. I surely did and still do.

  4. Very interesting...I didnt know a lot of the stuff on here. Have you ever tried Arjuni hair? I heard it was really good hair and im considering buying it soon.


  5. Long story short--remy has to do with cuticles, and virgin has to do with whether or not its processed. Remy does not mean that the hair is processed--it just means that the cuticles are aligned. It may or may not be processed. Virgin hair means that the hair is unprocessed--the cuticles may or may not be aligned. Therefore, virgin remy is unprocessed, cuticle aligned hair!

    And leave Arjuni alone--it's a waste of money. You can get better hair or comparable hair, for a MUCH better price.

  6. Can you please suggest some hair companies where I can buy the virgin Indian Remy from? Thanks

  7. What are ur favorite companies to buy from?

  8. yep, like the ladies said above...inquiring minds want to know... what brands are the cream of the crop? Thanks! I love your blog!

  9. This is all great information, thanks for sharing! Just to add, the biggest misconception out there is that more expensive hair is the creme de la creme. Cutting out the middle man (American Vendors) is where the prices come from. You can get virgin Remy Chinese hair (which is what most American vendors sale as Indian hair") for a fraction of the price. And if you REALLY want Indian hair (which is not as good as Chinese imo) you can get it through Indian vendors, also for a fraction of the price. Websites like alibaba and ali express are good places to locate them. But beware, just like we have fuckery with hair over here, they have fuckery over there. So all in all, do your research, ladies. The hair I'm rocking now, I've had for a year and some change and I only paid about $60 per bundle...I'm just saying...

  10. I agree with your post. A lot of people (especially black women) are very uneducated about the different hair types, qualities, textures, grades, etc. I feel that if the person you are buying from cannot educate you about the hair, than they are no more than salesmen. They just want to make money and they don't care whether they sold you the right hair for your needs or your money.

    I've dealt with several companies over the past 8-9 years. I've seen them come and go. I've seen hair quality diminish over the past few years as people are not buying from BSS anymore, but the demand of luxury hair is outweighing the supply. So you get lower and lower quality hair. There's not much you can do about it. If the supply is not there, it's not there. There are a few companies that offer very decent hair at pretty decent prices. Depending on my budget and how long I want to wait, at some point in the year I use all of them.

    1. Be Fabulous- befabuloushair.com (very good quality hair for the price)
    2. International Hair Co- inhairco.com (decent quality hair)
    3. Indique- indiquehair.com (Always sold out)
    4. Arunji- (BEWARE of the $150 consultation fee)

    I hope this helps you ladies and I hope you all stay looking divalicious!

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  12. nice blog!

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