05 May 2012

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as we all know TAURUS rock! I really didn't feel like a birthday girl at first I mean isn't  your birthday suppose to be about you.  In my case I somewhat felt as if it wasn't with limited friends my bday wasn't looking to good and I honestly didn't expect much. Being single on your bday is no joke. I don't know why I don't have an abundance of close and personal friends. I guess you can say my willingness to trust and let people are far in between. My mother raised all of her children with the notion of "YOU DON'T NEED FRIENDS I'M YOUR FRIEND". That notion has lasted over the years and I love the friendship we have. I decided to go out and enjoy myself  after I was the birthday girl!

I wanted to go for a simple yet flashy look and we all know I love to sparkle. I found this skirt at forever 21 and it was the only one there boy was i happy. The shoes are Jessica Simpson which were on sale and I had been watching them for the past two months. It's an awesome feeling when you see something that you wanted and it's on Sale! My vanilla button up was thrifted from goodwill for $6 and it's actually Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

I haven't used my DSLR camera in seems like forever my IPhone is so quick snap and go!


Now My sister LUCY decided to gift me the ultimate dress......ever since I saw gabi of gabifresh.com wear this dress I was in love. I don't know if it was the print but I was in love. Now Lucy never misses anything so when she called and stated she had purchased the dress for me. I could have died a million times I swear she's a angel. I decided to pair the busy dress with Neon Slingback heels from Guess $68 my earrings were purchased at a local hair store for $10

  I dined at Barton G and boy ol boy did I have a blast Not only was the ambiance great but so was the food and all it's little tricks. When first sitting down instead of a normal menu Barton G sits a Ipad in front of you to place your order. I decided on the surf and turf and was in for a huge surprise upon it's arrival. All in all the experience was wonderful. My damage was about $250 but it was well worth it.
yes that is the presentation and yes it's that big! I love them for their presentation.

After Dinner I went home and enjoyed the much anticipated independent film Pariah boy ol boy was that a good movie. Mrs.Kim Waynas did her thing!



  1. I love those shoes! Hope you enjoyed your birthday :)

  2. i loooove those pink earrings!:)

  3. Love how you paired the sparkly skirt with a simple white button-down top. And that dress! Yea, that's a good one!

    Pariah was an awesome movie! I saw it at the movies when it was here in Minnesota. Very thought provoking & great acting.


  4. Happy Birthday!!! Taureans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  5. Both outfits are super fab!! Don't worry I'm the same way about friends......thankfully my sister is my bestie so I've never needed a clique. It does suck tho on Birthdays and in my case planning a wedding lolllllll

  6. loving your birthday outfits!!!

  7. Happy belated Bday! Love the outfits! I have those same JS heels in the 1st pic! I'm the same way about friends. My bestie is my cousin.

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*


  8. Happy Birthday beautiful. My mother raised me the same way. She is my everything. I have 4 friends. Neither of which live in my state. I spend my birthdays solo.

    You are an amazing woman...and gifted woman. Keep doing you...because each year you get better and better.

    Bet blessed!!!

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I celebrated mine last week. It wasn't looking too bright when a lot of my friends were unable to make it....but adventures were had and I ended up having a great weekend. I hope yours was like that xo

      Mele from Australia.... damn I better get onto my birthday post :/


  9. Happy Belated Birthday! I was smitten with the tribal dress when I saw Gabi wear it too! I love the way that you decided to accessorize it...very cute :)


  10. That dress though? YES!!!!! love it! Happy belated gorgeous!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  11. Great Bday outfit...L.O.V.E the skirt

  12. Happy belated bday! that dress is gorgeous! Can totally see how you fell in love with the print.


  13. I just discovered your blog today! Fantastic! You are gorgeous and a fashion inspiration! Happy belated birthday! My birthday is tomorrow, so you know, TAURUSES RULE!!!!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Superstar! You look phenomenal, per usual. Stay amazing.


  15. Gorgeous. Hope your birthday was fab. Now following your blog.


  16. Linda you look GORGEOUS!! I love the ASOS dress paired with the hot pink, happy belated bday!


  17. You look beautiful! I love the pop of hot pink that the shoes and accessories add! Just gorgeous! :)

  18. I just found out about your blog via GabiFresh. I really like it! And your b-day outfit is fab!

  19. LOVE the shoes! They're to die for! And the printed dress fit you so well!


  20. I love both looks on you!! You always look great & well put together....Love those shoes!!!

  21. What size is your ASOS black/white print dress?!? And is it UK or US sizing?


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