18 July 2012


Well I have said this on several occasions where you live has a lot to do with what's offered to you. I learned that along time ago. I  personally love shopping at places like ROSS,TJMAXX AND COURSE MARSHALL'S. I have learned to venture out of my local area to "POSH" locations because honey I walked into TJMAXX  on south beach and was greeted by YSL, BCBG, MIU MIU, BURBERRY AND ETC. on my venture the other day to Marshall's I discovered these SAM EDELMAN SPIKED HEEL FOR $79!!!!! let's just say I couldn't snatch them things up quick enough. I had to go almost 20 miles out for some fashionable items but it was worth while after seeing these. I went back two weeks later and the black ones were there as well! I wonder why they think they can't place items like this in local stores or urban areas. Instead they put things like baby phat, coogi, south pole etc. Not to sound rude or mean but can a sista get some fashion in my area please and thank you! until then I'm traveling wherever I need to be to get my fashion fix!

secrets of a tjmaxx/ marshalls shopper

At TJ Maxx and Marshalls you can expect to find everything from designer clothes to furniture. Marshall's is known to restock each night and a weekly excursion is a must for bargain savvy fashionistas.
10 TJ Maxx/Marshall's Shopping Secrets.....

1. Don't be surprised if you find the same merchandise at T.J. Maxx and Macy's on the same day but with a significant price difference. That's because T.J. Maxx is an off-price buyer, which means they benefit from ordering mistakes made by mainstream retailers and over-production of items by the clothing makers.

Off-price companies buy that excess merchandise. So if a vendor has enough fabric to produce 600,000 blouses but a department store only ordered 500,000, off-price buyers will purchase the extra 100,000 blouses. It doesn't necessarily mean that T.J. Maxx's inventory is from last season. They promise that at least 85 percent of it is in season.

2. T.J. Maxx, whose parent company also owns Marshalls and Home Goods, is the largest off-price retailer in North America and competes closely with Ross and Big Lots.

3. T.J. Maxx buyers only look for merchandise that can sell for up to 60 percent less than what the department stores sell it for.

4. The only sales you'll see at T.J. Maxx are at the end of the season when all the merchandise that hasn't sold goes on clearance. Anything that isn't sold at clearance is donated to charities.

5. Buyers for T.J. Maxx negotiate with more than 10,000 vendors in more than 60 countries for merchandise.

6. Despite popular perception, less than 5 percent of T.J. Maxx's inventory is imperfect.

7. T.J. Maxx gets three to four shipments of 10,000 new items each week.

8. T.J. Maxx has a high-end boutique called Runway at Maxx within some of its stores to sell clothes from American and European designers. New shipments come in from abroad weekly.
9. T.J. Maxx sells 14-carat gold, sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

10. You can sign up for "What's In" alerts, which are heads-up from other shoppers when they spot certain designers like Dooney & Bourke and Roberta Gandolfi at the local T.J. Maxx.


  1. Love me some TJMaxx and Marshalls girl! Kiah

  2. great info about TJMaxx! I love that place lol

  3. Wow thanks for that info definitely need to venture out of pembroke pines and aventure these are the only two areas i shop for marshalls an tjmaxx got to start hitting the beach areas as well!

  4. I saw a pair of Sam Edelman's that I pd $199 for at Nordstrom in the Austin, Tx TjMaxx. Can u say mad?


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