11 June 2013


So we all know I love a good sale that no secret lately I have been finding things that just the cutest. It is my duty to inform you lovely ladies of my finds. I haven't  been on my duties of blogging but its not on purpose. I will try to do one every other day from now on. So first up which girl doesn't love a good deal on shoe?  I loved the cap toe trend and I looked for the perfect shoe to no avail. When I logged on to karmaloop.com and saw these Jeffrey Campbell  cap toes black heels with 65% off I could not say no. I was also able to use the promo code which bought the shoe to a $45 total! Today I checked and now they are $38 dollars!!!!!

 Now I wear make up and I love it but I must admit I hate cleaning my brushes I hate having to lay out over 40 wet brushes and they take up my entire counter for at least 8 hours of my day. So when I found this Benjabelle.com make up tree I couldn't help myself but purchase it. It comes in three shades black, white and pink! Its only $35 and it does collapse and doesnt have to stay on your counter top all the time. I think it was a great invention and I love the lovely ppl  who made it!

I'm guilty of getting my eyeshadow everywhere when applying it and having to use concealer to fix it. I:m no make up artist geesh I do the best I can. So  when I saw these cute shadow shields I feel in love. They are only $10 for 30 shields and guaranteed to make you like so much more easier
visit the site and purchase them now!



  1. Thank Goodness for this post!!! I will be getting the makeup tree and eye shields!!!

  2. I just ordered my shoes, just can't believe they are only $38.95. They had my size 10. #leatherbaby

  3. Thank you for this information


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