07 July 2013


When you are plus size fashion isn't always easy. When others spot us in a fab ensemble none understand that it would've taken us weeks to piece it together. So when finding outfits that work for you we must think outside the box More like the brand. We are all guilty of going to our "SAME" store I.E. Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, ASOS etc.  Welp I will give you a Tip.....I Shop Maternity!
Yes I do and No I"m not expecting lol. If I can fit it I will buy it We as plus size women need to stop sticking to OUR stores and step outside the box. There are several places that have fab maternity one of which happens to TARGET and ASOS. Sometimes the Maternity items will going on sale far before straight size or plus size clothing.

This dress was onsale for $25 dollars in the maternity section and wasn't available in plus size or straight sizes. So Of course I didn't think twice and neither should you the next you pass a store that doesn't sell "your size". You maybe passsing up your next hot dress or accessory or even bag. It's never about the number on the tag but how you wear those numbers. Shop without worries you never know what you may get in return for taking a chance.
Dress/ Asos



  1. Hey, I love your style and all the great advice that you give on your blog...I've been following you since you were featured on fashionbombdaily.com...would love if you could follow me :)

  2. yep...the maternity section is awesome lol you look fab! nice dress!

  3. Very Cute!!! I have that same dress but I got it in the regular sizes. I'm glad it's offered in maternity though. I love that dress!!!! I can't wait to wear mine :)

  4. WOW!!! we think just a like bc I def shop the maternity section at Target and\or any store for that matter... Ur right these ladies do not need to slip on that section of the stores... And you did ur thing with this dress.. it looks AMAZING on you!!! Im crushing your purse toooo bad!!

  5. You look gorgeous! You are right...no one would know its a maternity dress unless you tell them!

  6. Oh my goodness you look great...I've would have never known.


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