10 December 2013


I know that black is such a neutral color but to me honestly Leopard is just as well. I'm trying to decide should I add Tartan and Houndstooth to the same List as well. I mean honestly mixing patterns are a past time. I'm not afraid of mixing prints and color and your shouldn't be either. I mean if you are on those gals that would rock any of this pieces with solid black step outside the box already.

1. Leopard Harem Pants: Forever21

2. Leopard Skater Dress: ASOS ( use promo code: WELOVESTUDENTS FOR 25% OFF)

3.  INC Red Leopard Dress: Macy's (on sale for $53)

4.Gucci Bootie: Gucci

Color Ideas for leopard are limitless I've seen in recently been matched with even houndstooth so sky is the limit. I have just about everything on this list. I will be blogging  with a few of these items show keep a look out!

1 comment

  1. I have grown to adore leopard and hound's tooth over the years because of blogging. I am now checking for the perfect tartan piece. Can't wait to see how you style these!


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