My relationship with bathing suits have honestly evolved so drastically and dramatically over the years. I was the girl with the jeans and the over sized shirt and a one piece underneath it but never even bothered to get in the water. I have balanced the line of being shy/uncomfortable with my body (which is an entire other blog post). In the past years I have watched swimsuits for plus size women evolve tremendously. We have gone from once wearing a  one pieces with over sized shirts and cover ups  into a two piece with no cover up at all! I know it may seem like it was overnight for us but honestly It wasn't. I'm super surprised with Forever21 and exactly how much love and attention they are showing us curvy gals this year.  I notice that I have not seen a lot of actual reviews on the bathing suits itself so here I am doing a HONEST one!


CURVY AND CHRISTIAN: The struggle of being conservative with curves!







By: Linda Downs

   I can remember being about 14 yrs old with the curves of an adult woman without questions. It was Sunday School Morning and I had to decided to wear one of my favorite dresses to church that my mom had gotten me the previous summer. I must have underestimated my growth over and year and the once knee length dress was now a little over my knees. My mom fixed my hair and we headed to  church like any other Sunday. While using the restroom one of the mothers of the church who had to be at least 80 yrs old says "you got to much body for that dress baby" in her southern tone. I could remember asking my mother what exactly did she mean by "too much body". I can remember the feeling of being ashamed of my curves and hating them. I would wear a long jacket throughout the year and yes that included summer. It is a true struggle to remain conservative without showing "to much".   So when I saw Erica of  Mary Mary  on my timeline in a white curve hugging body con dress.  I just  knew the uproar from conservative Christians would be great and indeed it was. Even in the event of Meagan Good who is indeed a Pastor's Wife have under fire for some of her now risky and revealing attire.  So the question is can you be conservative, christian and trendy?

Erica of Mary Mary