08 February 2014

CURVY AND CHRISTIAN: The struggle of being conservative with curves!







By: Linda Downs

   I can remember being about 14 yrs old with the curves of an adult woman without questions. It was Sunday School Morning and I had to decided to wear one of my favorite dresses to church that my mom had gotten me the previous summer. I must have underestimated my growth over and year and the once knee length dress was now a little over my knees. My mom fixed my hair and we headed to  church like any other Sunday. While using the restroom one of the mothers of the church who had to be at least 80 yrs old says "you got to much body for that dress baby" in her southern tone. I could remember asking my mother what exactly did she mean by "too much body". I can remember the feeling of being ashamed of my curves and hating them. I would wear a long jacket throughout the year and yes that included summer. It is a true struggle to remain conservative without showing "to much".   So when I saw Erica of  Mary Mary  on my timeline in a white curve hugging body con dress.  I just  knew the uproar from conservative Christians would be great and indeed it was. Even in the event of Meagan Good who is indeed a Pastor's Wife have under fire for some of her now risky and revealing attire.  So the question is can you be conservative, christian and trendy?

Erica of Mary Mary
Megan Good and Husband Bishop Devon Franklin

Singer Tamela Mann
When attending church I try to wear a dress that is more loose fitting and in the event that I do want to wear a body con I will ensure that it's paired with a nice blazer. If the dress is low cut but I like the fit I will definitely use my best friend safety pin to close it up. If the dress is sheer or it maybe  I take no chances and I do wear a slip yes I said Slip. I honestly admire Our Curvy Christians who know how the balance it out with out getting the side eye when stepping into the church of God.

One of my church attire looks: Dress H&M 10.00 *on sale Shoes: Pierre Dumas $50
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  1. Oh my! I can definitely relate to this article. I too was a curvy girl at a young age. Breasts were a Double D in elementary...smh. It surely hurt my confidence. It wasn't until I was older that I learned this hips and thighs are there to stay. I have been thin and I have been extra curvy and they remain. I do struggle to find things that don't draw attention to my rear when going into the House of the Lord...lol. Thanks for this great post!


  2. I love it and I can definitely relate to having curves and going to church, a COGIC church at that. I loved Erica's pictures and dress, I do not think that you have to dress like a old lady to live a life for the Lord.

  3. I am pro Erica, in regards to the uproar this dress caused in the Christian community. Erica is naturally curvy and there's not much she can wear that will hide her curves, I saw her on the Stellar Awards in a loose-fitting pants suit and you can still see her curves. Looking at her in the dress again, I still say there's nothing wrong with it, but after hearing both sides I understand why there's an uproar. We, the believers, are in a position where we have to make sure we represent God in the best light possible, a non believer may take issue with the dress because to them it's selling sex. For those who don't know who she is, looking at this picture you are drawn in to her body, her curvy hips and breast.

    As for Meagan Good, I didn't approve of the dress. As a minister's wife, your assignment in the body of Christ is just as important as your husband's. You can't sit and speak with me on Christ and you have your breast darn near hanging out. How am I to take you seriously? I definietly wouldn't want to see my pastor's wife in that dress.

  4. Growing up in Ghana , I can very much relate to you girl but here in the UK everything is just mellow. I think the answer really should be if you put an outfit on for church and you think others are going to judge you then clearly you know deep down its not "church worthy". Erica looks stunning in that white body con dress but I personally won't were it to church (my mum will prob disown me if I did). It states in the bible, "Come just as you are to worship" and so really going to churuch shouldn't be about what an individual wears but their worship to the Lord.

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  5. I love this article. I have always been a big, short woman. When I started regularly attending church seven years ago, I dressed like an old lady because I didn't have any church clothes! Now, as I have gotten more comfortable in myself and defined my own style, I pretty much know what to wear and what not to wear to the house of the Lord. That has even crossed over to how I dress when going to class or running errands. I always loved the way Tamela Mann dresses. As for Megan Good, as lovely as she and her husband are together, I believe her dress at the BET Awards was inappropriate for her role as a First Lady. Erica Campbell has a nice style and I LOVE that white dress and those killer shoes. Do I believe it was 'too much' for a Gospel Artist? Yes. I realized that as much as I love Gospel music, it is apart of the entertainment industry and 'image'(i.e sex appeal) does sell in the 21st century. It's sad to say, but it is true. It does not have to be this way, but I believe Erica's stylist team knew what they were doing. They were trying to make their client look as appealing as possible. I do believe you can be a curvy, Christian woman and not ashamed of it! Once again, great article!

  6. Thank you Linda for sharing, it's crazy what I see nowadays in church....honestly it's quite horrifying. I wish I could teach a class.

    Megan Good was clowning with that dress....speechless, I mean she's a first lady now.


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