01 November 2014


As you know I invite all my followers from all of my social media outlets to email me with either topics, confessions or a simple hello. In all honesty most emails are typical inquiries about clothing or hair but every once in awhile a email sparks my interest. I must admit I'm impressed at  this readers ability to be  transparent with his feelings and his struggle. I logged into my Mac Book with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and read for the first 30 minutes to an hour of my day. I scan threw subject lines of emails looking for nothing in particular when one hits me like a ton of bricks: I'm a Jock and I'm NOT suppose to like fat girls. I open it instantly both intrigued and interested to see what he meant exactly by NOT supposed to, as if it's sin or he will be stoned. I will be honest I'm frustrated with his statement at first. In time I've learned to listen to the entire story and really give people a chance to explain themselves.  So the email is as follow I have changed Names and Locations Just to protect this young mans image and Identity. 


I'm Kevin* and I live In Los Angeles land of the Rodeo Drive and Where Everyone is faking like their somebody but really arent. I've playe football my entire life and I'm currently in college trying to persue a football. I know every kid has that dream of going to NFL some of them make but alot of us don't. In my case I think I have a pretty good chance I'm not saying I will be a 1st Round Draft Pick but I do think I pretty decent. I first started looking at your fb page because you posted pictures of plus size women in a light I had never seen. I mean honestly going to a prodominatly white school hips and curves are very far and inbetween. As a Football Player I'm introduced to all kinds of women and everytime I set up on a blind date I'm disappointed. I'm always matched with the typical "IT" girl. I have had a desire for full figured women as far back as I can remember but I've always been ashamed. I admitted only once in high school when the guys started talking about girls and what they liked. I openly admited having a crush on Lisa* a curvy chinky eyed, carmel, and thick younglady who was the yearbook editor and came to almost every game. I got clowned for it they erupted in laughter and my new nickname became chubby chaser since then. When school ended and we are went out own wasys I was free from being called "chubby chaser". I felt as if I had done something so wrong by admitting that I like fuller women. In college now i stay clear of plus size women careful to not make eye contact or be overly friendly. I think most of the time Plus size girls may think because i'm a athlete I'm not interested in them  and don't even bother. The truth is I love them but I am afraid of the backlash or taunts I will receive for liking a BBW. I don't even watch regular porn (sory if this TMI) I always watch BBW women. My Question to you or even followers is as follows:  1. Am I alone in this thinking? 2. How do I get over this fear of being judged?

Thank you!

EMAIL ME afatgirlsblues@gmail.com


  1. To get over your fear you have to actually go out with one of us. You will never be happy if you continue to let what other people think if you, run your life. And trust me, we are SOOO worth the risk. If you felt bad about just saying you liked one of us, imagine how it is to actually be one of us on a daily basis! We get so much hate day by day BUT those who love us, they get the benefit of all the love we wanted to give those who can't stand to look at us. AND THAT A LOT OF LOVE! I say just go out with a Fluffy Cutie and get over it! We have to just get over it every single day. And trust me YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!! P.S. you'll never truly be satisfied during sex until you have it with a girl that is the size you actually like! And trying not to have a baised opinion, WE DO IT BETTER ANYWAY!!! So get up, go out, and GET YOU A FAT GIRL!!!!

  2. I agree with Danyell, you will never know until you try. You have to be worried about your happiness, if a person makes you happy that is all that should matter, at the end of the day only you have to live with yourself. Life is to short to not take the opportunity to be happy when it presents itself.

    Good luck,

  3. If you continue to live to appease people, then you won't be pleased with your life! Never change yourself to fit the description of what others say you should be. Because, in the end, you just might not like the person you've become!

  4. Do what makes you truly happy. Go out and find you a fuller size woman and try it out for yourself. Don't worry about what people will say because you'll never be satisfied. It's your life


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