28 January 2015


I can remember when forever 21 opened their plus size line in my local mall. I took a 30 minute ride out to the only mall that was offering it at the time. It was to my surprise the section was filled with small straight sized women. My first thought was maybe I didn't get the correct information from my email. I still pressed on threw the crowd of frames that looked nothing like plus size and found indeed it was the plus size section. I jokingly stated to one of the ladies that she was in the wrong section. She laughed and explained that she raided the plus size section when she desired "oversized"  and "hobo" looks. It totally clicked something in my head that day and my shopping experience has never been the same. I had never tip toed over to the straight size section before that day I honestly had no reason to. I mean I am a size 18/20 plus size woman I couldn't possibly find  anything in straight sizes for my body right? WRONG!

I take total advantage of every section in a store now since that day and I find awesome pieces that fit and look awesome. Over the weekend I looked at Bisou Bisou via Jcpenny and found this super cute set on sale for $40 dollars. It is a size XL in straight size and it fit perfectly on my size 18 Frame with no stress on the fabric or my frame. Which is why I tell people when they ask me the infamous question "where do you shop" and my answer is always EVERYWHERE! I leave no stone unturned and neither should you the next time you're in one of your favorite stores and your section maybe boring or have nothing you are looking for at the time. It okay to invade the straight size clothing because we should never be placed in a box with fashion.

I've searched the website for this particular piece however it's only available in small online however Jcpenny online stock and in store stock are separate. If you have a Jcpenny in your local area just take a quick ride and visit your local store. I love the line and honestly I was be a loyal customer from now on because I love the look and vision that Bisou Bisou represents.

If you do invade straight size clothing often what is you favorite store? 


  1. Gorgeous!... Hi my name is Trenell and I attend Miami Carol City Senior High School. I will be attending junior breakfast soon and I don't have anything in mind to wear because of my size.So I was wondering if you could give me some ideas? PLEASE!!


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