10 January 2015


I must admit like any other average woman on planet earth I hate a certain part of my body! Geesh that was hard to admit openly but it feels great to finely say it. I am always the first to tell anyone to love their body but I will not tell you how to feel about it. My Mother and Sister are Both Top Heavy which means they carry the bulk of their weight in the breast and midsection area. In my case I gotten a double dose of wide full hips and boy do these babies spread. I have grown to love my hips after figuring out exactly how to work my curves in certain pieces. In fashion and clothing you have to know what works for your shape and your size. I have avoided certain clothing for years and jumpers have always been a challenge for me to conquer.

I spotted this INC Jumper at Macy's and It was priced at $109 regular price but was on sale for $37 and  after a Day Sale and a Coupon I snatched this baby up for $21 Dollars. I also  purchased it in black  as well at such a great price could you really blame me. I loved the peek a boo opening at the top of the jumper and the color was amazing. The jumper does have pockets which I absolutely adore in jumpers and skirts. It can be worn with a blazer and dressed up or down depending on the occasion I happened to be attending a baby shower and opted for a jumper. At most baby showers required to play games and body con dress simply wouldn't do for the occasion.

Jumper $21  Via Macy's
Watch: Michael Kors $275
Shoes: Zara $100
Bag: Gucci



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