01 March 2015



If you ask me what's my favorite season I will always answer SUMMER! As a Native of Florida we literally have sunshine  85% of the year but summer just feels different.  The beaches are filled with families and BBQ can be smelled for miles away. So my Obsession with Swimwear is a bit more extreme because who wants to wear the same bathing suit to the beach every time? NOT ME!

I would always wear Swimwear to the beach even when my friends we're hiding under shorts and a T-Shirt. I guess you can say I've always been somewhat rebellious about stereotypes and pushing the envelope. I didn't have many options a few year back  and would stick to Target and Walmart for swimwear. I am here to say those days of not being able to find swimwear are OVER and may we never see them again. I have fallen in love with a few swimsuits already and although I have plenty there is always  room in the budget for more.

Rue 107

I love the patterns that Rue 107 creates for Swimwear  the 2015 collection has everything a girl can ask for including lace and long sleeved swimwear. They are reasonably priced with each piece coming in under $50 dollars. If you want to be a show stopper and show off your mid section in a bathing Rue107 is the ideal place to shop.


I don't think One Piece Bathing suits get enough attention but Monif C has captured the essence of a One Piece and Made it Fierce. All bathing suits are true to size and made with excellent fabric and go up to a 24W. I love the patterns and the unique cut outs,  Monif C leaves no stone unturned with creating her bathing suits. If you are shy on the beach but still want to be fierce a One Piece may just be right fit for you. All suits range from $80 to $160  which is a bit pricey but worth it and will stay with you for years to come. 

30% off any purchase of $160 or more, code: NEWSALE

Nakimuli has created  cool and funky patterns and designs  that would make any woman feel beautiful. The indie brand was founded in 2009 and has always included plus size fashions. All Swimwear ranges from 1x-3x and is priced between $80 to $125. 


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