16 September 2015

Fringe Frenzy: Fall 2015

Fringe Frenzy

Fashion has a habit of repeating itself and this fall is no different Fringe is here and I'm honestly loving it. I must say Plus Size retailers are finally getting on trend with current seasons. I can remember being two years behind the current trends and getting  extremely frustrated with just how slow retailers were when it came to plus size fashion.

New York Fashion week was full of  looks featuring fringe in various hues. Celebs have been showing up to fashion shows rocking fringe from shoes to bags and even jackets.

(photo credit: Fashionbombdaily)

I do however have a absolute favorite Celeb that has taken my fringe obsession to new heights....drum roll please!

Yes Ms.Williams showed up and showed Out with this look from her new line for HSN which debuted during NYFW. I must admit I want this to come in plus size so I can slay right along with the rest of the wold. Fringe can be both High Fashion and Hobo Chic it really all depends on the statement you are attempting to make. 


Comments? Questions? 



  1. All for the love of fringe <3 Serena rocked that fit!

  2. It is so beautiful.
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