21 May 2011



Well let me start by saying I do A LOT of shopping no for real..... It wasn't until yesterday I visited FOREVER 21 to pick up a pair of tights and came across a pair of whit skinny leg jeans....I purchased them of course : ) only to come home and discover two pair with you guessed it tags still attached. I am guilty of shopping for things I don't need and due to the return policy at FOREVER 21 I really can't afford to waste money in exchange for a store credit. So I have made the conscious decision to inventory my closet (shop in it as well). I was guilty for having a certain pair of jeans for that shirt and that shirt only. You have to and let me repeat HAVE TO mix it up so for the following weeks look forward to pics of me doing just so.

D.I.Y projects are fun as well here is clip of one of the most unique things I've seen for lovers of fashion be sure to follow her on youtube trust it well worth it if you're into things like this!


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