20 May 2011


Well I don't know what has gotten into me I really don't but recently i have fell in love with different shades of pink and rose gold.....I recently had a birthday and received a Michael Kors watch and Basically I have based all my recent outfits around them. I would love to have a job where I could dress up I promise It would be a ball. Since I don't I can only play dress up when going out with friends or a Date. So you guessed it I be excited to play in some M.A.C!

I celebrated a friends birthday Wed. I decided to keep it simple and sexy....

This is the firs outfit the pants: Michael Kors $103 shirt: DOTS $22 bag: coach: I forgot but no more then $300 watch: Michael Kors $250 shoes: jennifer lopez $25 earrings: express $18


well anyone who really knows me knows that I'M ALWAYS COLD I used to wear a LOT of track jackets or bulky men jackets until a friend of mines would always wear cardigans and I started looking around and I fell in Love with them shhhh don't tell nobody!


THE OUTFIT...........


ME....I just received a palette of 88 eye shadow from COASTAL SCENTS and they are the best.......

DETAILS: JEANS: $17.00 tank top: Dots $6 cardigan: Michael Kors: $106 heels: $34 watch: Michael Kors: $250 earrings: $4


  1. I'm a stickler for eyebrows and yours are def on point!!


  2. I have the SAME watch and I wear it w/ everything lol. My mom bought me a rose gold bracelet and I wear it on top of the watch to accentuate it's awesomness. Try it sometime :)

  3. @maya its this eyebrow look i'm going for and i really don't know where to even begin to achieve it. @akua omg i love it i was really upset that i couldn't get he over sized one this one will just have to do.....i would love to see a pic of how you paired it with the bracelet!

  4. you look effortlessly cute. the watch was a beautiful touch!


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