30 June 2011


I work in a field where my daily outfit consist of firearms and a uniforms. So fashion is not even an option on my daily work week. I wish I had a career where I could dress up daily. I think it would be fun figuring out what I'm wearing but we don't always get what what we want. Well most of the time I update a picture I'm either going out or hanging with family or church. so the below pics are my last two outfits that I've worn in the past week. I live in Miami so the Weather is usually great but it's getting kind of rainy due to hurricane season. enjoy!


outfit 1: top forever 21 ($18) tights: walmart Tina Knowles collection ($10) heels: madden girl via marshall's ($30)

out fit 2: dress target ($20) heels: jessica simpson ($110) vest: idk ($20)

3: is just an up close of my everyday make up.....


  1. The pictures you shared are a tad too small and even when you click it, it doesn't enlarge.

  2. thanks I actually made it huge at first then tried to make it smaller and made it toooooo tiny lol I fixed it thanks for letting me know......

    double kisses
    - a fat girl


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