03 October 2011



I look on a lot of blogs and all I can see are positive comments but sometimes I wonder if we as people like to hear the truth or a lie wrapped up and packaged nicely. I look at all my followers as friends and for my friends not only am I truthful but I hope that it's returned. I had a group of friends go out and one asked the other what did she think about her outfit and my friends response was "it's okay but I wouldn't rock it because of the fit" when I say she blew a gasket omg! I asked myself why was she really mad because of the truth or how the truth made her feel. I mean we all (atleast the woment I know) state we want honesty but do we really. What if you told everyone the truth when they asked like in that jim carey movie liar liar. I wonder what would leave your lips. I didn't create this site or attempt to reach out to all of you for you look fab or cute pic (it's great when in happens) but I want to the truth at all times. feel free to ask questions give advice tips and everything in between. just a thought cause it's surely on my mind heavy right now. Honesty used to be the best policy now I'm thinking about should I renew the policy if it's going to keep friends happy!


  1. I still believe believe that honesty is best. As I've learned what my friends can and can't handle, I tailor the packaging of my honesty in a way that I know that they can handle it. Sometimes the truth hurts, but if you don't want an answer or an opinion then don't ask!

  2. www.afatgirlsblues.comOctober 3, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    shante why thanks I say a blogger write one day like cute choice but I wouldn't rock it and the owner of the blog went in. I mean we set ourselves up for this!

  3. Hey I have this problem all the time because I choose to be completely honest with people. Now on blogger I don't say anything cause some of these bloggers be lookn a hott mess and I don't need cyber drama. But with my girls I keep it 100. I think its more a thing of knowing when to hold ur tongue.

  4. I feel the same way. I recently wrote a post about this on my blog, but I keep it raw, because that's what my sister does to me so that's all I know. She'll tell me in a minute that something looks horrible, or is too tight, or is a hot mess... and I'll usually agree and change. So, if I see something I don't care for too much on blogs, I just don't say anything because people catch feelings. But I don't understand why you are catching feelings or feeling some kind of way because like you said, we are putting ourselves out there and opening ourselves up whether its for the good or the bad. I don't understand it at all... glad its not just me!

  5. Wow girl, you hit this right on! I feel the same way, sometimes I wonder if bloggers feel that they have to pose and be so sweet. There are times when I want to be candid or honest but I'm not too sure how without offending especially on the internet! with all of these report this content buttons and etc. I'm always worried I'll get kicked off blogger if someone doesn't appreciate my honesty, crazy I know lol

    It's complicated but I would love for everyone to be raw and upfront with me too. I hate yes people, yes you look great, yes that outfits cute, yes i like your messed up hair yes yes yes



  6. I am new to the whole blogging thing but I definitely believe in honesty and I want people to be honest with me as well....I think that we all need to be open to constructive criticism ---people can dish it out but can't take it. And will somebody PLEASE tell people who can't take constructive criticism that it's not HATING if someone doesn't agree with an outfit choice (especially for valid reasons like the fit or if it's just plain not their style??) geesh......

  7. Honesty is still the best policy, you have to honor you values, morals and beliefs. if others can't handle the truth it let's the rest of us know they may be dealing with low self-esteem. If that is the case then your friend should have a come to Jesus moment with herself. My fa,ily and friends no that If they ask a question of me they will get the truth but I don't deliver it in a way that will cause unnecessary hurt just the plain and simple truth. I learned somewhere along the way that you shouldn't ask a question you didn't want to hear the truth about.


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