14 October 2011


we are in paris,france can you believe it? because I can't this man has to be out of a magazine. we talked about everything on that flight. I must admit his way of living is way beyond my spectrum of every thinking personal planes the ability to get up and fly half way around the world with no worries. He was very forward about his feelings about love, marriage and everything in between. A man like that can have any woman he desires which he explained is very annoying. I didn't know women were handing themselves over on silver platters sneaking in pent house suites. No amount of a men's wealth would every make me settle or sell myself sort for a hermes bag. Our way threw customs went smoothly seeing as to how we had no bags. I knew not one word in french except for we or is wi wi don't make me lie. To my surprise he spoke fluent french which made me feel even safer in this unknown country. Paris was beautiful to say the least the weather The People and don't even get me started on the fashion boy was the fashion great even the airport women dressed as if it was fashion week.

Finally making our way to the exit a white Phantom Royals Royce was spotted in the distance. He even took the privilege of including my name on the sign the driver held up. Today was turning into a fairytale out of a book. A few times I questioned myself as to what I was doing here with this amazing. Its seems like he could hear my doubts bouncing off the walls.  The ride to the hotel was siren the country was beautiful. We arrived to the Ritz Carlton it felt like a matter of minutes I guess the saying is true time flies when you having fun.  The view from the 28th floor could not be explained we had 360 degree the entire floor was ours.  I had to get out of these clothes lord knows even Spanx after a few hours can cause irritation.  sneaking up from behind he placed his arms around my waist nestling his chin on my shoulder blade he whispered

"who do you want to wear tongiht?" placing small kisses along my lower earlobe

"Excuse me?" it confused me

"Gucci, Hermes, Miu Miu, you name it's yours what size are you?" stepping back attempting to guess

"I don't think----"

"12?" he questioned

"I should get out of these clothes for now" rushing to bathroom and slamming the door

what kind of question was that who do I want to wear I was an ample size 18 and Versace would be rolling over in his grave making clothing in that size.  He was clueless to say the least about dating a woman. I was fine with dressing up and looking fab but when it came down to revealing sizes of panties and clothes it made me cringe. I had a man in the other room that just had hour long conversations about what he want from me and I was running like a chicken with my head cut off.  I believe at moments I'm my own worst critic. The bathroom was huge and I found solitude I took a shower he had a massage therapist waiting for as soon as i came out the shower. I called for him while getting my massage but he never answered.  after my massage I walked amongst our suite in my robe since it was the only thing that fit at the moment.

"Mrs.Reid" a woman called out  from the living room

entering the living room there was a woman of my complexion and hip squeezed into the perfect leather leggins and fushia blazer. she was equipped with measuring tape pencil and pad. I thought she was a student or some new form of french maid. She greeted me with a double kiss with the cutest french american accent. She began to talk about fashion and what it means to the plus size woman in Paris and the UK. My eyes searched the room for him I even called his name a few times but got no answer. I really didn't mean to be rude but I really didn't understand where this was going with this young woman.

"Excuse me what's your name" stopping her in her tracks

"Evevlyn from ASOS Curve Mr.Cage sent for me with the understanding to provide you every article in our 2011 spring and Fall collection" she smiled like a proud spokeswoman

"ASOS is in the UK what do you mean sent for you?" I was confused

"oh ma'am I do apologise Mr.Cage sent a private jet to retrieve me" she smiled as four butlers bought in racks and racks of clothes bags from hermes shoes from louboutin. In a room filled with the finest threads the world could offer a butler bought in a note:


I stepped out for a few A woman loves to play dress up I assume. I apologise if i upset you earlier I was just trying to help. No bag is too much Heel too expensive everything is for you talking to you is so easy. My hands feel like the belong in yours and My heart skips a beat when you smile. You are a employee of my company and I am your boss for the last day.  I hate to inform you Mrs. Reid but as of today you are fired from my company effective immediately.  My job is to make you happy I will work overtime without pay to ensure everyday of your life you smile.  See you in a bit enjoy your girl time!

Can someone pinch me?                                                                                                


  1. *pinching you*..aww hell *pinching myself*..lol

  2. giirrlll...was i about to shed a tear for real?..this is too much.and who woulda known back at d.c.i...im so proud of you

  3. Loving it........ girl enjoy an embrace all of this because it aint to many of those type of men left in this world. An when he asked your size i would have said out loud i am two hands full of a size 18 an loving it lol! be safe an looking forward to knowing if your gonna quit an let him take care of you!

  4. WOW! I was just on the edge of my seat. Love this series!!!


  5. hello yeah! pinch my ACE too! these are so good.


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