26 November 2011


                     ARE YOU ANGRY?

This topic has been on my mind for some time now. I can remember going out with my bestie and one of her friends she bought along. I had never seen her act in a manner so negative in my life. When we go out the vibe is usually always chill drunken nights are the best. This night was something totally different she was with someone new and they spent the entire night laughing at ppl all of who were women. I had seeing women being so negative towards each other. It's like Black Women are just destined to be negative I can't say all Black Women but the one's around my way are let's just say they're DIFFERENT!

I work in Law Enforcement I see it all the time Hispanics/White ppl will treat you better then your own kind. It's kind of sad to say the Least I wonder why do "Women" hate other "Women" so much? What is the cause of the negative energy. Is It that Bad to tell another queen "hey you rocked that dress" or "girl I admire you". It's seems like it a unknown thing and I have truly been trying to figure it out.

I got a call one from an ex saying that a woman had been emailing them constantly trying to talk to them. I after first thought it was a misunderstanding or maybe she didn't know. It wasn't until another friend said the same lady was doing the same thing. I asked myself where is the morals did she not know or did she just not care? After some investigating it became crystal clear that she knew exactly what she was doing and who the people were to me. Let's not even talk about the endless amount of women who send emails, side eye and even try to slip my dates their numbers in club settings. I had one girl even tell an ex " why you like big girls when you can have all this". I took it as a joke like seriously but it made me think When does the negative things and mind frame and actions stop?

I read a article and these are the 10 things Men Hate about black women....

that the traits I am about to list equals "the average sister girl in the city" ATTITUDE!
  1. 1. Unsupportive - show extreme respect for their men; allowing the man to do what he does to elevate you both to the next level
  2. 2. Shallow - read a book or have a decent conversation
  3. 3. Manipulative - stop thinking that you still have power in your "P"...bring something else to the table other than your @$$
  4. 4. Condescending - don't bring baggage from past relationships and put it on the next man
  5. 5. Self-Serving - goes back to manipulation
  6. 6. Dramatic - drama is for punks and boring people; their only purpose is to entertain themselves by creating drama, confusion, and conflict - you are weak
  7. 7. Lazy - like a thief; low expectation, blood suckers...I liken this to stealing or begging; doing nothing in society, but causing problems
  8. 8. Deceiptful - Hater101 - they hate themselves so much that they hate on the next man
  9. 9. Argumentative - a dumb @$$  wanting to be smart; a wrong invidivual needing to be right; intelligence is the ability to make complex ideas simple.
  10. 10. Unfriendly - a mad person can mess your mood up; if you don't like your life just end it

The article went on to say black men liked women more because:

is that they are happier; whereas sisters are walking around with chips on their shoulders. I stated that white women are automatically perceived as weaker than black women. It is shown to us daily through local and national media, when a white women disappears all of the stops are pulled out to find her, but when a black woman disappears you get a ten second blurb, then its on to the next topic. Never to hear of it again. It is the same attitude in corporate America, where a white woman is delicate and can't handle various pressures and stress, and yet a black woman of the same status is supposed to "grin and bear it".



  1. Okay I do agree majority of the things you said. However having experience(high school, college, work) with white women, asian women, and hispanic women they can be just as mean and angry towards each other like some black women are. Girl let me tell you that movie Mean Girls with Lindsey Lohan is TRUE I've seen white women in action if they don't like a female the will make her life ruff. I THINK ITS JUST WOMEN PERIODLY!!!!! Lol but BLACK WOMEN ISSUES AND DRAMA ARE ALWAYS PUT IN THE PUBLIC EYE. And I will agree we are not as supportive to each other as we should I remember a guy telling me that if he heard anything bad about a woman it came from another woman. We have to do better.

  2. I hate to see the negativity among black women as well especially the extreme hate that is directed towards plus size women with the "audacity" to be fly. A lot of women throw condescending shade: Oh ur pretty to be a big girl..or you dress nice for your size...b/c they simply cannot give props where they are due or compliments without shade.

    I'm not sure of social status plays a part b/c I've experienced the same thing from Hood chicks and corporate chicks but the corporate type chicks just do it in a condescending way and hood chicks are more blatantly disrespectful. I do think that how happy people are in their life affects how they treat or think if you. Women who hate their body image whether they are big or small will automatically hate anyone who is confident with theirs.

    I always tell beautiful women they are beautiful with NO PROBLEM. In fact I LOVE seeing women especially plus size women looking FIERCE...it gives me inspiration and LIFE.

  3. @MZFIT girl white women are the business trust me I have seen it. I guess for me it's been really heavy on my mind after having a talk earlier this morning with a friend. who stated someone had been trying to get at them but throwing me and my size under the bus while they were doing it *shade to the max* but hey I'll still be here in the morning and yeah styles for curves don't i know it you have said a mout full my fav part: "I do think that how happy people are in their life affects how they treat or think if you. Women who hate their body image whether they are big or small will automatically hate anyone who is confident with theirs." <<<<<<I LIVE FOR THAT.

    I am really trying to change my mindframe and how I react to things that i don't like cause lord knows my actions used to be something else!

  4. The way I see it is, our society as a whole is negative and negativity is a lean red behavior that is reinforced by our experiences, our families and our peers. Does that make it right? Of course not, but not enough people are willing to make a stand and makes tdiffernet choices.

    I on the other hand believe. Being positive and yes I compliemnt ofther women, and I do ot degrade them and this behavior I have passed down to all four of my little sisters.

    The bottom line is what you say about others doesn't reflect who they are it reflects who YOU are. If you feel the need to say mean, demeaning, disrespectful things about other women what your really saying is you don't love yourself, you have low self-esteem and lack confidence which is why you make fun of other so you can feel better about yourself and that is sad.

    Keep in mind that we are accountable for our actions and when we meet our creator we will have to take responsibility and accept consequences for our actions.

  5. congrats toya on passing down the positive energy down to all four of your sisters. I wish it was more ladies that took the move to do as such. I am taking a stand for it even starting a workshop in a few months with women empowering women.


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