26 November 2011


hey ladies!

Have you missed me? lord knows I've missed the heck out of you gals. I have been searching for the next outfit of the day. I never in a Million years thought I would mention Nicki Minaj and Outfit of the Day in the same sentence. She really won me over in this Oscar de la Renta lace and taffeta gown. I mean from the neck down she was fierce! So I stand up and give her a two second hand of applause.

Second Up is Ms. Solange the reason I picked her was I always see ppl color block with bright colors. This Pic is a perfect example of how to dress up color blocking with neutral colors. This outift can be worn to anyones job and not be so bold. I must say her Style is truly one of her own Ms.Knowles I see you girl!

Now The last and final gal of the day is Tracee Ellis Ross. I never really wear sneakers but if I did this is truly how I think they should be rocked.



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