28 November 2011


Okay I know sometimes I'm all over the place and these past two weeks are no different. I was at home mind my own business when I get a notice in my phone that I had a fb message. Upon reading it a fb friend of mines Ms. Tekia Parks. She stated she had a free to ticket to see singer/song writer Miguel. I was shocked that out of all the ppl she choose me. I quickly confirmed that I would be there! I don't have many friends (trust issues) but the one's I do are male like Carlos (see pic below).

We walked in to Cafe Iguana's and the vibe was very much so grown and sexy. Just a bit to crowded Miguel hadn't arrived yet but it was only 12pm which is normal for any artist. We decided that our feet couldn't stand by the stage for hours just to save a seat. The next best option was to purchase a table and sit out butts down. Which is exactly what we did! around 1am Miguel arrived and boy did we have great seats. He dressed well and Tekia was screaming at the top of her lungs. We wasn't groupies but definitely major fans that night. I have to admit I enjoyed her company I can't wait until the next time we hang out. Whenever you can have fun with no drama and laughs with another woman it's a great night!

Oh and my co worker came out and I couldn't have been any happier!
Outfit: shirt Macy's Karen Scott $60, Pants: Seven Jeans Jeggings $60 (Macy's) and Shoes Aldo black wedges $110

So That was Miguel then comes Thanksgiving Dinner which I cooked everything this year. My friend Carlos bought a Shredded Pork Shoulder (don't you just love when ppl bring dishes?) and it was the best thing I ever had! It was fun spending time with my family and enjoying their company. I invited a few ppl none of who attended but called for a plate in the late hours of the night smh. so here goes!

  Ma.....fixing food lord knows that lady can make a plate!
 The Outfit wanted to keep it simple and cute since we were heading out to the beach for a walk!
 she said she looked like she was from the motherland with that scarf on her head hence next pic it was gone!

she really love her some carlos I do too!

Outfit run down..... shirt Michael Kors $110 (which you can wear long or short) pants American Rage $60 Bag: Gucci Boston Bag $1.095 Shoes: Steve Madden (can't remember but I know they were on sale!)


  1. Love both outfits!!!! I don't have many friends either luckily my sister is my built in best friend, shopping buddy (even tho she's skinty), road dog for road trips etc

  2. Loving both outfits. I love it when you can go out and have fun with no drama as well.


  3. Maybe you have trust issues with females because you're not trustworthy yourself. The things you expect other's to do to you is basically just a projection of the things you would do to others. It's like the old saying goes... it takes 1 to know 1. (ijs) Btw Nice Pics!!!

  4. I don't "expect" others to do anything to me. I have sat back and watched friends, family members,employees etc. lie, steal, cheat and just be plain evil. I dont have to touch the fire to know that bitch hot. The people who are in my life have been there for years with no problems am I open to making to new connections? it's highly unlikely but this one just felt right *hugs tekia* obviously you feel a need to hide behind a anon status. If you dont know me personally I strongly suggest you don't speak about anything you know nothing about. (ijs) your entire comment was blah and like always you talking but you not saying much!


  5. I don't know who Tekia is, and I didn't mean to offend you. I'm just a follower of your blog that thought maybe I'd shed a bit of insight that you may not have considered. You're human... so therefore you have also have the potential to lie steal or cheat. God don't care how others treat you, he cares how you treat others. (Wow u really really went off over nothing)

  6. you didn't think saying I am a "projection" of what I stated was offensive? what may be nothing to you maybe the entire world to someone else grandpa taught me that long time ago. Like I previously stated if you don't "know" making assumptions like that is out of the way. I don't need your insight my therapist gives me enough of that. you were plain and simple disrespectful and most of hurtful. I treat other very well as my only 4 friends!


  7. Ms Linda has a beautiful heart and projects nothing but positivity....and I know plenty of people who would agree!!! and I agree with Linda, that was a very disrespectful thing to say and quite unnecessary! People should be mindful of what they say before they just go typing away..especially if you don't know that person on a personal level!! But big kudos to Ms Linda for handling this in a classy manner-as always!! - signed TeKia!

  8. The benefit of being the owner,ceo,founder is I make the rules! no need for the fuss @tekia thanks babes for coming to my rescue but I have my big girl panties on tonight lol all is well


  9. The fit is cute!!! Love the blouse!


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