27 November 2011


so I am planning on moving in the next month and This time around I really want to get into desgining my home. I mean it wasn't that bad before but I really just didn't try to make my home my castle. I guess when you are hardly there it's not a big deal. I left my walls white the way they came and really didn't do much else with the decor. I have recently been wanting to do more in my home and this move will be my reset button. I must admit I am excited about it. I have started early looking for new items and I must say Pier 1 and Bed Bath and Beyond are the ish! I came across these lovely and beautiful Mannequin's that I must have atleast one. I have always wanted one these patterns are soooo pretty I spotted a few vintage unrestored ones at goodwill a while back but these are just priceless!


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