05 February 2012


Now I haven't officially been asked to be anyone's Valentine for 2012....Isn't it still proper etiquette to ask someone? I got to thinking about all the things people require for Valentine. I love flower orchids and roses or even lillies. I think Valentine's Day should be thought out I can honestly say the standards have been set kind of high. I love the little things tho a hand made card or a really thought out gift is always nice. I love feeling special to know that someone cares me enough to think about what their going to do for me. I may not have one for the ones that do here's my Wish list lol

Michael Kors bag! (macy's)
I love this bag so very much lord knows I may have to be my own valentine lol

A great Dinner always works for me I like to go places I've never been before the experience is not only fun but a breathe of fresh air. No RED LOBSTER,OLIVE GARDEN,FRIDAY'S FOR ME!

I'm in love with this scent after smelling a sample of it at Nordstroms! I went to Macy's to purchase it the other day only to be told they don't carry it only saks and nordstroms!

What woman doesn't love chocolate and flowers?


  1. thats funny, i asked for the same michael kors bag

  2. Oh I just received my pre V-day gift and it was Tom Ford Black Orchid. I love that scent! and Bond 9 I Love New York for her. Very pricey, but so worth it.

    1. now I'm just too jealous it's such a signature scent!


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