30 January 2012


Well It's a New Year and with that comes New Birthday's, Anniversaries, Agenda's etc......Welp January Is always a busy a month for me. My Mother Got one more year closer to the big 5-0 and my little brother is one more year away from the big 1-8. So I had to make both of them feel special all within a two day period seeing as in how their birthdays are two days apart. My brother turned 17 and went to watch his first rated R movie he chose underworld. It was just me and him and our popcorn he told me at the end of the movie " I like rated R movies they show everything" lol. I mean Underworld was pretty gruesome and graphic I can truly understand why they got a R rating. I liked the Movie  but hate the trend that I'm seeing with everyone making everything a sequel. I mean how many more do they want what happened when movies were just that Movies no part 20. I mean can you see a part two of Color Purple? but that's neither here or there.

Photobucket I opted for this simple romper paired with a pair or Color blocked brown toned Pierre Dumas heels and was ready to go! Photobucket
 Outfit: Romper Kmart $6.49 Shoes: Pierre Dumas $45 Earrings: $10 Miami Village Part Two Before I got sick as ever! I decided to take my Mom out to benihana even though my brother had his special day I still decided to let him tag along. I am planning an all girls day with just the two of us no boys allowed maybe my buddy lucy may want to come that should be fun! Photobucket I kept it comfy and cover simply because I could feel myself getting sick and honestly didn't want to further make it worse but boy did it get worse just a few hours later. Photobucket I love these jessica simplson colored blocked heel and the price was oh so amazing if you aren't a follower on fb you should be. If I find any great finds fb and twitter are quicker to know just letting you gals know.

 She is Forever Playing this was the best shot I could get of her lol

 yes I made him wear it I thought he Looked sooooo cute.

The Outfit:
shirt: Edgelook $24
undershirt: Thrifted $0.50
Pants: Forever 21 (2years ago) $20
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Marshall's $29


I was given the wonderful oppurtunity to review any garnment of my liking by eshakti and this is the dress I choose. I will be posting pics and my review of the dress in a bit here's a sneak peek!



  1. I''m soooo jealous, I want that jumper from Kmart and I could not find it in my size. the only I was able to find was 22 and I couldn't even make it work.
    I looks great on you, I love the color scheme you put together.

    I love the color block heels. They're so chic!


  2. First thing. Hot jumpsuit and your hair is always fly. Second you are rocking those liquid leggings and third that last dress is amazing. I'm so happy I found your blog.

  3. I love those shoes! I am a total shoe fanatic! I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE!


  4. luv all the looks and i luv all things JESSICA SIMPSON :)

  5. You always look fabulous my dear! I love both outfits. I saw that romper online awhile ago but they didn't have my size. Womp womp womp! It looks great on you. Also, I love both pairs of shoes. I heard those Jessica Simpson shoes are very comfortable. Again, fabulous!


  6. Love the romper, its gorgeous! And i have the bendies as well! Been coming to your blog since I first seen u on fashionbombdaily & I love it! Kudos to u

  7. I love both looks! Especially the shoes on the 2nd look. Very funky and different. Get it girl!

  8. You look soooo cute!!! Both looks - thumbs up!

  9. Love the dress! I looked on the site and did not see it :-(

  10. Guuuurl! Those earrings gave me an eargasism!! They are so nice, and I love the shoes in both outfits.


  11. I luv your style! Luv the romper! Where can I get those earrings from?

  12. Oh i love all the outfits! The rust romper looked great on your skin!
    And your hair is POPPING lol

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  13. I have those Jessica SImpson shoes in a different color. Just got them on sale at Dillards! Your outfits..to die for!!! All of them, girl you better work!


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