05 September 2012


Well it looks like everyone is jumping on the "Tomboy Fresh Movement" and singer, actor and songwriter Alicia Keys has joined in on the fun. Today Reebok premieres  a new Classics campaign for Autumn/Winter 2012 featuring Alicia Keys. The singer will not only star in the global campaign but also will launch her own signature collection for the brand. The collection of Classics will include new takes on the Freestyle Hi, Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess sneakers in her favorite colorways and materials. The collection will hit retailers nationwide soon and are now  available at Macy’s and  Reebok.com.

 I actually Love the detail and the piano on the back I may have to tip on over to Macy's! 

I loved the way she paired this combo....... I guess Ms. Keys is on a role first the hair and now the sneakers. I never really took her for the sneaker type and I KNOW sneaker heads!

So are you feeling the Tomboy look? Or should ladies stick to red bottoms?



  1. Feeling the look 100% Us ladies can't always be girly with the heels & skirts; sometimes you have to mix it up

  2. I'm a tomboy at heart so I'm loving the look. I definitely need to pick up a pair. To bad I'm on a spending hiatus. American Express is getting way to much of my hard earned money. LOL

  3. I am the first one to throw on some heels, but I've been rocking my Jordans and AirForce 1's & Air Max since highschool and I keeps a fresh pair in rotation. This is nothing new for me. I also post these looks on my blog sometimes just to let people know that dressing up is fun, but dressing down can also be cute/stylish.

  4. I see the tomboy look is in.I am not really into this trend but hey, who knows!

  5. Feeling it, but I admire and are inspired by all looks from Rockabilly to boho

  6. My first love is the tomboy look, but I do love my heels as well...lol!


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