26 July 2013


When I watched MTV'S Catfish for the first time I was hooked not for the drama or the conclusion but the stories behind the situation. It became a Normal Routine in my house we crowd around the TV some sit on couches while others choose the floor instead. We would watch in silence at the suspense of someone's life literally unfolding before Our eyes. It has become clear that Social Outlets have made it easier to create another person, Image or Flex In my Trinidad James Voice.

In the Last episode I was able to catch I felt so bad for Framel (r) and why he explained his inital reason for lying about his real identiy. I found myself feeling sad and my Mom even cried (because she's a cry baby) at his heart felt apolology. I can remember seeing Anthony (L) speak about how in love he was with the fake Framel. In a living room full of friends one says "I bet he's fat". I can remember saying the same thing internally. I wanted him to be who he said he was or atleast some skinny pimpled face teen but I didn't want him to be fat. It seems that everyone that is on the  lying end of catfish is always fat and I'm like come on! I know we aren't the only ones lying on the internet.

Self hate is real and I know that now, I for one haven't really had any self hate or low self esteem Issues about my weight. I do however receive emails from some of my younger followers and some are very depressed even suicidal about the bullying, and self hate. I just feel so bad that people aren't happy with themselves so much that would create another life or person. I can remember being ridiculed or people saying to me "you are so confident for your size" or whenever someone would get angry at me it's usually followed with FAT-Bitch. I can remember an ex-lover whenever they would get mad would attack my weight. The names I was called would rock anyone to their core. Only in days later to be apologised to and said sorry but those words still stung. It didn't make me hate myself tho question maybe but never hate. I yearn for the moments when plus size men and women truly love themselves and if they don't make the proper steps to find that love.


Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not supposed to be like anyone else. You are you. You are the only one who can be you. Your perspectives, gifts and value are exclusively yours. You are a unique expression of the divine. Revel in it! If you want something to measure yourself by, compare how you were yesterday to how you are today, and be kind.

Celebrate your successes. Even the small ones. Don't wait to get perfect. Any progress at all is worthy of celebration. When you celebrate, you are telling the universe “I am loving this. Please give me more!” Yay!

Create a list of accomplishments and review it often. We tend to get overwhelmed looking at what’s left to be done and forget to give ourselves credit for how far we’ve already come.

Allow yourself to be where you are. Just feel whatever you are feeling, without judging it or judging yourself for feeling it. Let go of the story you have created around it and just be with the feeling. Embrace it. Explore it. Feel it. All any feeling wants is to be felt fully. This can only be done when you let go of your resistance to feeling it, which is kept in place by the story and the judgment around it. Without the story and the labels, feelings are inherently neutral. Feel the feeling fully, then just let it dissolve.

Real self esteem is something that comes from deep down, consciously or unconsciously. Self confidence comes from accepting your imperfections, limitations and things that cannot be changed. Know that you are precious because you are a creation by God.


12 July 2013


We Let me start by saying I have loved Beyonce since I could remember. I could remember falling in love for the first time and "Dangerously In Love" was dedicated to my undying love. I told him he wasn't  Irreplaceable months later.  Oh how much songs have a way of putting in the right mood or saying exactly what you need to be said threw song. So when I heard Mrs. Carter was coming to Miami I waisted No time making purchasing my tickets. The stage set up was unique the floor section wasn't equipped with chairs for people to sit comfortably. Instead Mrs. Carter opted for standing room only on her floor. I love concerts but I hate dressing for them my first concert was a casual sundress and flats. Only to be overwhelmed with women in 6inch heels and freak em dresses. I felt so out of place that night. I don't know if it's a South Florida thing or are you really suppose to dress up? So for Bey I decided to keep comfy and stylish at the same time without having to worry about pulling my dress down over this full hips every 2 seconds. Here Goes!

Jacket: Eloquii  $35 (store went out of business and got his bad baby for 70% off)
Pants: Sears (Bongo Plus) $20
Clutch $30 (curvychicboutique)
White tank $4 walmart  (revers able can wear it as a v-neck or crew neck)
Shoes:  Zara $100  (sold out)
TOTAL: $189.00

The woman that always styles my hair to perfection was there and I just had to take a picture.
I have been going to her for almost 4 yrs and she remains professional, humble and loving since the first day I met her. Everyone always ask me who styles my hair so here is the information.
Excel Hair Salon
Stylist: Trice
Number: (305)693-0075


I loved every single one of her outfit changes and I'm glad she wore everything from her infamous leotard to pants. what girl doesn't love sparkles? I over lived for her dancing and vocals that girl can blow. when she decided to cover Whitney Houstons "I will always love you" I almost cried.


07 July 2013


When you are plus size fashion isn't always easy. When others spot us in a fab ensemble none understand that it would've taken us weeks to piece it together. So when finding outfits that work for you we must think outside the box More like the brand. We are all guilty of going to our "SAME" store I.E. Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, ASOS etc.  Welp I will give you a Tip.....I Shop Maternity!
Yes I do and No I"m not expecting lol. If I can fit it I will buy it We as plus size women need to stop sticking to OUR stores and step outside the box. There are several places that have fab maternity one of which happens to TARGET and ASOS. Sometimes the Maternity items will going on sale far before straight size or plus size clothing.

This dress was onsale for $25 dollars in the maternity section and wasn't available in plus size or straight sizes. So Of course I didn't think twice and neither should you the next you pass a store that doesn't sell "your size". You maybe passsing up your next hot dress or accessory or even bag. It's never about the number on the tag but how you wear those numbers. Shop without worries you never know what you may get in return for taking a chance.
Dress/ Asos

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