19 May 2014

Jumping for Jumpers: Peachy Addition

I have fallen in  Love with jumpers and I Don't think my relationship will die anytime soon. I use to hate Jumpers honestly with thighs that touch I always felt as if they would stand out too much. I would look at pictures of other bloggers and how well they worked rompers and jumpsuits and be envious. I know sometimes people look up to me and think I have no worries or doubt when it comes to my body. I did once upon a time in my youth but  as an adult I can honestly say  I really don't care what people think of my body or me. It's called having thick skin and let's just say mine is above average. I saw this lovely jumper on asos.com  was in love with the wide leg concept and the color was awesome. I ordered a UK 18 which is the equivalent to a US 20/22. The jumper arrived and I loved it BUT once I put it on I was unsatisfied with how sheer the fabric was in my leg area. I decided that a shaper was best with the outfit to smooth things out. I  am not one of the gals who wears shape wear with everything if I think I need it I will definitely wear it  but it's not mandatory.

Like this jumpsuit? purchase it here!

On the model it looks more orange upon it arrival it's was more peach tone. I loved it lighter actually and the length was perfect. I paired it with a black and with striped Michael Kors Purse (which I got at an awesome price!), Gold Zara wedges and Gucci frames. I Continued the Long chain concept of the model and went with Long single ball pendant from my local accessory store.



  1. Super cute! I do like the peach color better

  2. UK18 = US14 just for everyone's reference.

    If you wear a US20/22 then the UK size would be 24/26

  3. Beautiful!!........ Asos was out of the peach one so I ordered the white one in the UK18...... I hope I can fit it...... I'm an 18 in us

    1. you will be able to fit it! the stretch is amazing be sure to email me with your look!

    2. Thank-you...... I will........ I love your style/fashion!!!

  4. I need this so bad! You look amazing in this jumpsuit. I have a short cut so I'm thinking big chunky pearl necklace w/this

  5. What shaper did u wear underneath....I'm in need of a great shaper

  6. I need to know what's holding up your boobs I need 2 of them


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