Must Have Creatvie Bags and Why I love Them

I must admit I'm a sucker for a nice bag and If I can get it at a reasonable price it's even better! In honesty for the first time in years I've stopped wearing my designer bags like Gucci and LV and focused on more realistic and affordable brands. I mean which gal doesn't love a designer bag but I love a variety as well. I'm not big on labels over quality. In some cases people think because you have brand like Gucci and LV that those straps don't break or the zipper doesn't malfunction well I'm here to tell you they DO! I love a good over sized clutch and I have ran into a few unique bags over the past few weeks.


After I posted this picture (pictured below) everyone wanted to know where I purchased my bag. I am avid believer of shopping around and I first spotted this clutch on karmaloop for $40 dollars but after searching the web I found them for $26 from


I also purchased this  censored clutch and have yet to figure out how I will rock it. The website kind of reminds me of a cheaper version of karmaloop. My item arrived on time and was as pictured which was awesome

Michael Kors: A First 

I got this Michael Kors bag from Macy's at a awesome price during Macy's family and friend's sale. it's original price was $298 but it was on sale for $222 with an additional 25% off I only paid $160. I couldn't pass it up I just couldn't it's like it was calling my name saying buy me. FIND IT HERE!




I have fallen In love with detailed and unique bags and clutches if you are stuck in your comfort zone please step outside the box and try a funky bag! 



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