29 May 2014



Now I love  good outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down and my snake printed jumper was perfect today. It seems as if my days off of work are always filled with running errands and being on my feet. Since Miami is such a social city my days of styling personal clients has reached a all time high. You would be surprised what I style people for i.e. dates, concerts,graduation and even funerals. I love my job however I don't love having aching feet from walking over 4 malls in one day.

It's so  ironic I wore this baby phat jumper after having a 2 hour long conversion with my co workers that brands like FUBU and baby phat were not as popular  as it was in the the 90's. I however am a firm believer in fashion and I really didn't care that it was from baby phat. I wonder if others would rock brands that the "urban" community have kind of left by the way side. 

I paired this jumper suit was a pair of nine west flats and black clutch and hit the malls. I can't wait to dress this look up. I order a 3x but kind of wish I would've went down to a 2x to have a more fitted leg and it was loose in the tummy area.  

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The color of my lip pie has been a frequently asked question on my IG it is Asian Flower by MAC and I honestly buy them 5 at a time because I love and use the color so much. 



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  1. I love the jumpsuit & Asian flower is one of my favs too!


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