15 June 2015



Yes.....I have heard all the rave reviews of the VSG surgery I grin trying not to appear annoyed with my Nutritionist. She smiles and explains everyone is doing it and yes my health insurance company will foot the bill If I choose to do so. I politely decline her offer to set me up for a consultation with one of Miami's best surgeons. She look confused, Why would a Plus Size woman that can get a 10k surgery for free not do it.

I guess that's what my co-workers think as well when seeing me uniformed, well pressed, and plus size. In my career things come in waves. It was just last year everyone was having Tummy Tucks and Butt Implants. I guess this year is the wave of Gastric Bypass. When asked by Co-Workers why I say no to VSG surgery my answer is always simple: I've haven't REALLY tried.

So let me me enlighten you on what VSG surgery is exactly.

The  procedure generates weight loss solely through gastric restriction (reduced stomach volume). The stomach is restricted by stapling and dividing it vertically and removing more than 85% of it. This part of the procedure is not reversible. The stomach that remains is shaped like a very slim banana and measures from 1-5 ounces (30-150cc), depending on the surgeon performing the procedure. The nerves to the stomach and the outlet valve (pylorus) remain intact with the idea of preserving the functions of the stomach while drastically reducing the volume. By comparison, in a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the stomach is divided, not removed, and the pylorus is excluded. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass stomach can be reconnected (reversed) if necessary. Note that there is no intestinal bypass with this procedure, only stomach reduction.  The lack of an intestinal bypass avoids potentially costly, long term complications such as marginal ulcers, vitamin deficiencies and intestinal obstructions.

Now I do understand that everyone has different reasons for gastric surgery i.e. health. I however feel as If I have never really tried to loose weight, I mean I start off great with eating healthy and exercising but being totally honest that last literally a week or two. I hear all great things about VSG surgery but my sister has become my real inspiration. I have watched her change her diet  and exercise daily to great results. When she walks into my home and I see her smile  I know that she's happy with her results. She has blossomed into a beautiful butterfly.

I know that it's possible to loose a 100 pounds naturally and My sister is living proof of that. It was her determination that drove her to loose weight to conceive my niece. It was that same determination that pushed her to loose the baby weight  and more. When seeing her I know that I really have to give weight loss the natural way a try before I can lay on a table and be cut. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing I never really gave it a try before turning to a doctor.

My sister has learned how to cook differently and is ever so eager to show me her new recipes. I never knew you could make mashed potatoes out of cauliflower. It is these moments that I admire my sister the most. She is the reason I will wake up everyday for the next 6 months and really give it a good try.

I will be a open book with my journey and of course I will use my secret weapon aka my big sister!

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  1. How encouraging--to have a sister support and educate you on your journey. She looks wonderful. It's not hard but it does take persistence (believe me, I know).

    1. yes she is awesome and I have had to gain persistence because when I'm happy I eat, when I'm sad I eat, when I'm bored welp you get the picture lol. She is awesome.

  2. This is because carrying around all that extra weight puts an almost impossible strain on their bodies. mini gastric bypass surgeon


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