13 August 2015


Hello Loves!

I know I know I have been missing and I do miss blogging which is why I am here today blogging my little heart away. I receive loads of emails from my followers asking advice from hair to relationship advice. I love the fact that my followers feel comfortable to talk to me about the inner most secret thoughts.

Which brings me today's HOT TOPIC: IS HE OUT OF MY LEAGUE?

Reader Meagan Writes:

Hi Afatgirlsblues,

I know this may seem weird that I'm writing you for advice but I honestly don't want to talk to my friends about this. I figured you could share this with other plus size women and I can get a true and honest answer. I really  like this guy at my job, he comes in everyday smiles at me with the prettiest teeth in his Italian suit and I melt. He is the boss not my boss but the guy that when he walks in everyone runs and scatters and attempts to look like they're working.

I thought it was weird he made eye contact with me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to talk over coffee. I turned red and denied his request out of fear I would mess up and couldn't take it back. I really cancelled because I feel because I'm fat and he's fit, I'm older and he's younger, he's the boss and I'm just a temp. from a agency. I really want to know can a man be out of your league or am I just insecure?

My Two Cents;
Well Meagan I think definitely you are having some self esteem issues. You are saying a man is out of your league because you are fat and he is fit is not a proper validation for rejection. He obviously sees something in you that you aren't quit seeing yourself. No one is "out of your league" you just have to value yourself. I say go out for that coffee and just enjoy his company and see where it goes. 



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  1. In Serbian:

    Draga Meagan,
    Ni jedan muškarac nije izvan Vaše lige!!!
    Apsolutno nema nikakve veze što je on mlad, fit i šef. Ako želite Vi možete da osvojite ceo svet, a ne jednog muškarca.
    Problem je u Vama, u Vašoj ličnoj percepciji. Morate imati više samopuzdanja, sigurnosti i vere u sebe! Poradite na tome. Ulažite u sebe, to je najbolja investicija. Ne mislim pri tom samo na materijalnu stranu već i na psihološki momenat.
    Iskreno se nadam da ste popili tu kafu i da se nije završilo samo na tome!
    Ako niste, pa šta čekate? Da ga preotme neka druga! Razmislite!
    Svako dobro Vam želim!!!

    Google Translate:

    Dear Meagan,
    Neither man isn't out of your league !!!
    Absolutely does not matter what he is young, fit and boss. If you want you can conquer the whole world, and not justr one man.
    The problem is in you, in your personal perception. You must have more confidence, security and faith in yourself! Work on it. Invest in yourself - it is the best investment! I don't mean that only the material side but also on the psychological aspect.
    I sincerely hope that you drank the coffee and that did not turn out just that!
    If not, so what are you waiting for? To steal another girl! Think!
    Best wishes !!!


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